Chartered Institute of Public Relations


Using the PressPage social media newsroom has not only spiked the Institute's web traffic, it has made them more relevant and savvy as communications professionals.

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Working with PressPage enabled the Chartered Institute of Public Relations - the CIPR is the professional body for public relations practitioners in the UK - to move away from a restricted design and layout set out in its current website, to a user-friendly platform which enables the Communications Team to upload, update and publish news stories and timely comment in a fully integrated rich-media environment.

For Andy Ross, the CIPR's Public Relations Manager, 'partnering with PressPage has been a big step forward for the CIPR. In the past two years we have moved away from the press release simply being a tool used to inform our well-established media contacts, towards using our newsroom as the hub and focus for the Institute being a media owner in its own right.' The platform enables the Communications Team to directly publish stories and timely comment that not only concerns our business, but to their 10.000+ members and the wider profession, in a super-quick, user-friendly format.

This has not been the only workflow advantage for the CIPR. With PressPage, they have also been able to integrate their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and many others to make it easier to push news items easily over different forms of media to get maximum exposure at the time of publishing. Concerning the platform's future-proofing Ross says 'the team at PressPage is constantly evolving and innovating the front-end and back-end experience. Alongside this their dedicated technical support is always on hand to tweak or develop systems or advise on best practice.'

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