We don't have to wake the web editor at 6 a.m. anymore


Eneco is one of the largest producers and suppliers of natural gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands, serving more than 2 million business and residential customers.

Showcase details

Eneco's communications team wanted to be able to enrich their online publications and publish independently from their IT department and/or webteam. PressPage proved to be the solution they were looking for.

Eneco is a clear example of an organization running into the limitations of its own website with regard to news dissemination. Their native newsroom was a rather unattractive part of the corporate website. 'I was just a list of clickable titles, leading to text-only webpages, sometimes accompanied by a small picture', says Marcel van Dun, spokesperson for Eneco.

News- and press releases had to be published by his colleagues at the web editing department. 'I wanted to be in control of this myself, and enrich our content with images and videos', Van Dun explains.

Alternatives to native newsroom

The native newsroom was subsequently replaced by another platform. 'We were starting to produce more enriched and consumer-oriented content, using an external platform, which had limitations of its own', Van Dun looks back. 'For example, the summary of an article had a maximum number of characters, while annual figures cannot be trimmed down this way. This made a complete transition to the external platform impossible.'

Around that time, Van Dun came into contact with PressPage. Their fully integrated newsroom offered more options and allowed for an easy transition. Van Dun: 'With PressPage, we are able to schedule, publish and edit everything ourselves. We don't have to wake the web editor at 6 a.m. anymore.'

Greater reach

Eneco's newsroom now has tons of press releases and timely content, enriched with images, videos, infographics, contact information and share buttons for social media. 'The image bank is particularly convenient', Van Dun feels. 'All graphic content is automatically saved here. Journalists can use it of their own accord and find high resolution photos and videos.'

Newly published content is automatically shared through Twitter, which makes for a greater reach than the standard body of journalists and corporate relations. 'Our Twitter account has a lot of influential followers who regularly retweet our messages. This introduces our content to a whole new group of readers.'

Great cooperation

Van Dun is very satisfied with the current state of affairs. The newsroom has already acquired an important role as an archive and reference work. 'The newsroom is also well-read within our own organization. The platform has a preview module that allows us to show our colleagues what our content will look like.'

Van Dun is also very pleased with his cooperation with the PressPage team. 'We rarely have any problems with the system, and when we do, the PressPage team is always quick to respond. They really contribute in solving problems and optimizing features and complete all action items very quickly.'

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