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The PressPage newsroom did more than just increase traffic to its news pages. The improved workflow is more efficient, speeding up the publication process considerably, and is more cost effective. 'We went from 1.0 to 3.0.'

Some facts

  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Ability to service high traffic volume due to platform scalability
  • Serious increase in traffic and reach of news

Showcase details

How PressPage Improved KLM's workflow
Some three years ago, KLM's communications team was growing increasingly discontent about the Content Management System (CMS) they were working with at the time. 'The system was based on a corporate workflow with little flexibility, and we had to make use of third party methods to distribute our content', tells Lars van Straten, Corporate content manager at KLM. 'The CMS was well suited for regular corporate communications, but fell short when something had to be published instantly.'

'We could not publish content as quickly as we wanted to because press releases were placed in a queue', Lars continues. 'We wanted to work in a cost-efficient way with a better workflow. We wanted to increase our publishing speed and share content through our existing social media channels. I then took it upon myself to pursue being able to disseminate news when and where we wanted to.'

Better workflow thanks to PressPage
The big step forward meant going from a 1.0 to a 3.0 situation. With PressPage it's 'publish as you speak'.
- Lars van Straten, Corporate contentmanager at KLM
The introduction to PressPage's platform, some two years ago, proved to provide the solution KLM was looking for. Within our new workflow, publishing press releases has become something numerous colleagues are able to do. We're no longer dependent on third parties, everything is published directly in the newsroom and subsequently shared through our social media channels.' Lars and his communications team are excited about their collaboration with the PressPage team. 'They are a great help, we really appreciate the personal contact and their professional drive. If there is an issue or room for improvement, PressPage picks up on this immediately. This way, we learn a lot from each other and keep each other focussed.'

Emergency situations
In case of emergency situations, it's crucial to be able to quickly issue news releases, Lars explains. 'Therefore, in collaboration with PressPage, we set up a special emergency site, which we can switch to in emergency situations. De site uses minimal bandwidth and is hosted in the cloud, which means it can process significant spikes in traffic without any problems.'

It's the result that counts, and in this regard too KLM is very pleased with PressPage. The use of the newsroom platform has provided KLM with a growing number of visitors. 'We've especially experienced a significant increase in the use of our RSS-feed', Lars explains. 'KLM hopes to continue this upward trend with continuous improvements to the newsroom. We've already made great progress with the look and feel and have gradually adjusted the newsroom to our needs. The reactions to this were positive.'

In looking for continuous improvements to the newsroom in regard to functionality, usability and performance, Lars finds PressPage to be a valued partner.

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