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Utrecht University has been using a PressPage newsroom for a year and a half. What has the experience been like so far? Which effect has the newsroom had on their reach? A short Q&A with press officer Roy Keeris.

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Why is a newsroom important for Utrecht University?

'We used our own system for a long time, but we were looking for a platform with additional possibilities. We wanted to add photos and videos to our content, and make it easily sharable through social media. PressPage offered a straightforward way to do this. The newsroom simplifies the sharing of content, thereby increasing its reach. Our policy is to accommodate our audience's wishes as best we can. More and more journalists ask for photos, for instance. With the newsroom, it's very easy for them to access and download what they need.'

How does the newsroom fit into your communications strategy?

'We aim to accomplish three things with our communications. Firstly, we want to enhance our reputation, partly by distributing our publications more successfully. Secondly, we like to visualize our news where we can. Lastly, it is our goal to use the latest technologies we can for our communications. The PressPage newsroom checks all of these boxes.'

We're very happy with the results. We've been using the newsroom since October 2012, and have seen a steady increase of visitor figures even since. We are also getting a lot of very positive feedback; also from journalists.
- Roy Keeris, Press Officer at Utrecht University

How would you describe working with PressPage?

'Very positively! If we run into a challenge, the support team at PressPage is always very quick to respond. We often have an answer within ten minutes. Also, they're always willing to listen to and consider any suggestions we may have regarding possible adjustments or improvements. This all makes for a very pleasant collaboration, of course.'

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