Development Report Q3 2016

The summer brought sunshine and new features!

This last quarter our Development team focused a lot on improving existing items and introducing new features. One particular bigger feature is E-Mail Distribution. This feature allows our users to create campaigns (connected to releases) and send them out to a selected set of recipients in the blink of an eye.

PressPage Mail is one of the features of the Distribution project in which all publication options and channels in the Manager will be centralised. This will hugely improve the workflow and open up a lot of new possibilities. More information about Distribution and PressPage Mail will follow soon, keep an eye out!

Ordering of categorized items
The Category Manager already offered a lot of flexibility but as of now we offer the Order functionality. This functionality allows the user to set the order of the items within categories. By easily dragging and dropping items, the order can be set and is instantly reflected in the Media Library. Showing that important board member first was never that easy!

Media Manager integration
The Media Manager is now also integrated into the Release Text section of the Manager. This allows users to easily select images from the Media Manager and add them to the Body Message or Textblocks of a release. The size of the Image can also be selected and updated (Small, Medium to the Original size of the image).

Form module 2.0
The Form module got a complete overhaul allowing the user to build a custom Form from scratch. Simply choose input elements like a textfield, dropdown, radiobutton or checkbox set and label them the way you want. Even the order of those elements can be easily set by dragging an dropping. Want to be alerted when somebody fills out your form? Just add an email address and your form is complete!

Comment module
The comment module also got a small update to allow visitors and users of the PressPage platform to reply on comments. Also the number of comments is now paginated which improves performance and allows the visitors to scroll to older comments.



Coming up

In the next couple of months, the focus of our development team will mostly be on Distribution and the APIs, which are critical parts of our roadmap. Take a look at all the items we have planned by logging on to the PressPage Manager and checking out the live roadmap in the top-right menu.

photo:Richard Davidson
Richard Davidson
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
+31 20 2610056
photo:Tim van den Tempel
Tim van den Tempel
+31 20 2610056
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