About us

Every day, we work hard on helping PR and communications professionals by developing the most innovative PR platform. We believe that there is a lot of room for innovation in Public Relations and are constantly investing in R&D to help get the profession to the next level.

Meet Our Team

Our teams in Chicago and Amsterdam work hard to assist our customers and further develop the platform and company. We have an open mindset and challenge ourselves to constantly change for the better.

Sébastien Willems, CEO & Founder, PressPage

Sébastien Willems

CEO, Founder

Tim van den Tempel, CXO & Founder, PressPage

Tim van den Tempel

CXO, Founder

Bart Verhulst, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, PressPage

Bart Verhulst

Chief Strategy Officer, Founder

Richard Davidson, CTO, PressPage

Richard Davidson


Roel Cozijnsen, CCO, PressPage

Roel Cozijnsen


Christa Hemelaar, Marketing Manager, PressPage

Christa Hemelaar

Marketing Manager

Lynne Dekker, Operations & Legal, PressPage

Lynne Dekker

Operations & Legal

Eveline van Duin, Office Manager, PressPage

Eveline van Duin

Office Manager

Sam McDonald, Finance Manager, PressPage

Sam McDonald

Finance Manager

Mike King, Operational Director North America, PressPage

Mike King

Operational Director NA

Tom Gubbins, Sales Director North America, PressPage

Tom Gubbins

Sales Director NA

David Thomasse, Account Executive, PressPage

David Thomasse

Account Executive

Johana Cossio, Newsroom Consultant, PressPage

Johana Cossio

Newsroom Consultant

Ioana Vieru, Newsroom Consultant, PressPage

Ioana Vieru

Newsroom Consultant

Barry McCarthy, Newsroom Consultant, PressPage

Barry McCarthy

Newsroom Consultant

Dide Nijhoff, Customer Success Manager, PressPage

Dide Nijhoff

Customer Success Manager

Robin Kleine, Customer Success Manager, PressPage

Robin Kleine

Customer Success Manager

Niru Gupta, Customer Success Manager, PressPage

Niru Gupta

Customer Success Manager

Heather Boehringer, Customer Success Manager, PressPage

Heather Boehringer

Customer Success Manager

Tom Lathouwers, Technical Support Manager, PressPage

Tom Lathouwers

Technical Support Engineer

Vincent Breugel, Product Owner, PressPage

Vincent van Breugel

Product Owner

Eugene Storchevoy, Software Engineer, PressPage

Eugene Storchevoy

Software Engineer

João Barradas, Frontend Developer, PressPage

João Barradas

Frontend Developer

Divyansh Kumar, Frontend Developer, PressPage

Divyansh Kumar

Frontend Developer

Altaf Samnani, Backend Developer, PressPage

Altaf Samnani

Backend Developer

Anee Singh, Backend Developer, PressPage

Anee Singh

Backend Developer

Hugo Verhoef, Newsroom Developer, PressPage

Hugo Verhoef

Newsroom Developer

Tibor Hercz, Newsroom Developer, PressPage

Tibor Hercz

Newsroom Developer