Curacao Tourist Board’s newsroom increases referral traffic by 180%

White beaches, sparkling sunlight and happy smiles; Curacao Tourist Board was looking for a newsroom as immediately inviting and engaging as their beautiful island. Using the Presspage platform, they have been able to increase referrals from their newsroom to their main website by over 180%.

183% Increased in referral traffic
20% Reduction in paid search costs

The problem

Before Curacao Tourist Board decided to work with Presspage, they were already publishing content via social media. However, this content rarely led back to the Board’s website. Their audience ended up clicking elsewhere and missing out on valuable information about Curacao.

The solution

“During a social media event in Chicago,” said Harms, “I got in touch with Presspage. After the demo, I was convinced. In particular, the SEO options and storytelling features captured my attention. When I saw the logos of their other clients on their website, we definitely knew Presspage was a good fit for us.”

With Presspage, they now have a beautiful and efficient content home that allows their stories to reach a wider audience. “Publishing stories is really easy – the platform is extremely user-friendly. You just copy-paste your text into a release in the newsroom,” Harms explains. Presspage tries to apply that ease and efficiency to all aspects of their service: when the Board needed technical support for a problem on their social channels, one call with their Customer Success Manager at Presspage was enough to fix the problem.

“Publishing stories is really easy – the platform is extremely user-friendly.”

Angelo Harms
Digital Marketing Manager, Curacao Tourist Board

The outcome

Curacao Tourist Board has achieved some tremendous results with their Presspage newsroom. Since they started using the platform, referral traffic from the newsroom to their website has almost tripled: “something that we are really proud of is that the newsroom appears as number 7 in our top 10 list of traffic sources,” Harms observes.

What’s next?

The Curacao Board is eager to celebrate and promote the experiences of visitors to the island. Harms says, “we are about to launch an experience tourism campaign. We plan to share videos of visitors recounting their experiences in Curacao.” The Presspage platform enables them to tell these stories while driving inbound traffic back to their website.

Connecting with their audiences in fun, meaningful, and strategic ways is now quick and easy with their Presspage platform. It will be exciting to see what adventures await on the Curacao Tourist Board’s newsroom!

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