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Case: MGM Advantage's customer engagement

Newsroom technology improves company's engagement with customers in a big way.


MGM Advantage is among the fastest growing businesses in the UK retirement income market. The company's newsroom has been up-to-speed since late 2012, and has seen a serious increase in traffic and downloads, fulfilling MGM Advantage's wish to make people more involved with the company and enable them to take away its news and content.

MGM Advantage is a mutual society in the retirement income market, as well as the longest-registered company in the UK. It's one of the fastest growing businesses in its sector and has won a fair share of major industry awards.
MGM Advantage does a good job of actively profiling itself and reaching out to the public. The company does this in various ways, and is actively using various channels to spread its news to the public.

MGM Advantage has been using PressPage for their newsroom since October 2012. The goal was to find a new system that established more engagement with customers and journalists, and that enabled readers to 'take away' the content they find interesting. These functionalities were not present in the old system. Also, MGM's Paul Keeble, head of media relations, had started to incorporate social media channels into his strategy, and wanted to continue doing this as smooth as possible.

Keeble names the level of configurability 'one of the great advantages of the PressPage system to other newsroom systems.' The possibility to customize on newsroom-level as well as individual release-level is a real bonus, enabling him to literally switch functionalities on or off as desired.

Paul Keeble, Head of Media Relations MGM Advantage
By far one of the best things about PressPage is the fact that new and updated features are introduced very regularly, and come with no extra costs. I can rest assured that our newsroom is always up-to-date.
Paul Keeble, Head of Media Relations MGM Advantage

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