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Case: PressPage enables real-time public relations

How the CIPR has been running their social newsroom successfully for 12 months


The modern media no longer simply needs a good story: in the contemporary world, they are also looking for interactive and multimedia content. But how is that best supplied in a press release? In December 2011 the CIPR faced just such an issue. The limitations of their website content management system meant that adding quotes, photography, video and audio to enhance our news stories was a time-consuming process, even before attempting to integrate directly with social media.
Now, the CIPR’s newsroom is driven by PressPage, the leading content-sharing-platform technology provider for social newsrooms, virtual press centres, and online media hubs.

CIPR Newsroom

The CIPR wanted an active hub for their news items and press releases, a location for rich media content where they could place engagement at the heart of their offering. PressPage’s newsroom technology enabled them to do this with a click of a button with fully branded social media releases, completely integrated in their existing website.

PressPage allowed the website to become a news centre and a news hub for all 10,000 CIPR members.

Another important element of using PressPage is that the CIPR’s press releases are not just ‘sent out', in the sense that a traditional news release would be emailed or faxed to journalists in its entirety. Instead, it is intended to be discovered via search and pointed to by circulating a link to relevant contacts using both traditional email and other social channels. An example of this is the CIPR's Facebook newsroom; an app directly launched from within the PressPage platform.

The newsroom is not only user friendly and easy to manage, but it also delivers a focal point for their website. Not only does it allow the CIPR to create their own stories, but also to become opinion leaders. They can put out a range of rich media content within an hour of a breaking news story and aggregate to social channels in an instant. 



PressPage provides a SaaS PR platform with additional services for creation of advanced social newsrooms, virtual press centers and online media hubs. It enables brands to publish and distribute rich content, and provides direct insights into the results. PressPage empowers PR professionals by adding efficiency and effectiveness to their daily work routine.