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Strengthening our crisis communications solutions: meet Live News

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Here at PressPage, we’re always focused on developing solutions for the challenges of modern PR. And while crises are nothing new, last year a lot of teams entered what became a long, constant state of vigilance. Their workflows and ability to respond to crisis scenarios were put to a test. 

As PR teams adapt to these new challenges, the tools they use should too – live news is the latest addition to a list of PressPage tools that help PR teams prepare for and navigate a crisis. 

Aside from autoscaling capabilities to handle traffic spikes, emergency sites, and redirects, teams working with PressPage will now be able to publish live feeds with short updates (saving time when there’s little to spare) and create topics to keep coverage well organized, complete, and easy to find for the media.



Keep information centralized during a crisis

Communicating everything you know from one single place can help bring clarity and avoid unnecessary confusion. Since live news is a module, you can add it to a release and pair it with as much information as you need (our advice: emergency contacts, links to other important statements, FAQs, photos or videos, relevant downloadable documents). This way, the media, customers, and other stakeholders will have access to the full picture. Plus, timely and transparent communication will help build trust in your company.

Start threads and publish real-time updates as events unfold

To any newsroom visitor, live news will look just like any other live blogging or live update feature you’ve seen. For anyone working with the new feature behind the scenes, it’s just as easy to use as the rest of the PressPage platform.

Once in the manager, you can add a live news module to your case, start a topic, and keep adding updates (with date and timestamp) as you go. Add images to each update to populate it with engaging content, help readers find more information by adding a link, and pin one or more updates to the top to make sure they don’t miss key information.

Don’t need to cover a specific topic anymore? All your topics will be neatly organized in the Topic Manager, accessible from the case menu > Live news, where you can search for, delete, or rename any of the items in the list.


We’re proud to continue to build a platform that helps PR teams in their day-to-day to build their brand and reach their goals. Live news is part of our Premium and Enterprise plans (see the full list of features per plan).

Crisis communications tools you can activate in seconds

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