09:58 AM

PressPage Product Update Q3 2015

Although the summer flew by far too fast (as always), our development team has done some great work on the platform. 
Let’s jump right in..!

Finding the right visuals
When writing a release, it is often difficult to find the right images to support the message. The absence of visuals often results in a delay of publication, which of course is a very undesirable situation. For this reason we decided to implement a stock image library (BigStock) to enable our users to search through millions of images if they do not have a suitable image themselves. Of course we know that ‘stock images’ have a bad reputation and we certainly are not claiming this will solve the problem entirely. But the option to quickly search through a stock image library and instantly add an image to a release is a great workflow enhancer and can help out in some cases. We are already seeing the first positive results and feedback.

Some examples of neutral stock images (without fake smiles) that have helped us and our clients out:

Let video do the talking
With the introduction of the new Media Manager, we have added video support to let our users easily find and manage all videos. This prevents duplication as videos can be easily reused. Apart from that, all meta information can be quickly altered without searching for the newsroom or release it has been added to, resulting in better control over the content of the Media Library. With the addition of tags, the same search filters used for images and documents now also apply to video. All in all, these improvements upgrade the usability and streamline the experience of managing different kinds of media.

APIs connect the world
Our back-end developers have been working hard on the new API, starting with the statistics and functionality to manage releases. In the following quarter, our team will re-build the statistics pages in the PressPage Manager to use the new API, resulting in better accuracy and huge performance/speed improvements. Next on our roadmap is expanding the API to include distribution functionality. As the new API will be the backbone of our platform and business, we will tell you more and more. We have got some awesome things coming up!

For more information on upcoming features, please see the roadmap (top-right menu after login). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.