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PressPage Product Update Q3 2017

Lots of new updates & features

While the second quarter of 2017 was primarily about new APIs and work on the backend of our platform, this quarter we worked on both distribution in the backend and quite a sum of updates that are visible on the frontend. Below you will find the new developments and features we are excited to share, divided into three categories: Newsroom, Cases and Media.


The main element of our platform is of course the newsroom. To support our current and new customers better, the following updates have been made:

  • New Countries added: Mexico and Argentina (Spanish) are now available in the Language/Country selection in the Manager.

  • Mail campaign composer: Summary and subtitle are now automatically taken over from a selected release in the Email campaign composer.

  • Mobile version deprecated: The Mobile version feature has been deprecated as this feature was outdated and didn't support all modules. All Newsroom templates that didn't support a responsive layout are now converted to a fancy responsive design allowing more flexibility and module support.


With more and more cases being uploaded in the newsrooms, the Cases section of our platform is of equal importance level to the newsroom. These updates have been made to improve your experience with our platform:

  • Case overview performance update: The Case overview page received a major performance update which makes searching and scrolling through cases a lot faster and a more enjoyable experience.

  • Translation support: We now support the standard localization format XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) to support creating cases from translation files. This will make creating multilingual cases a walk in the park. In a follow up story we will tell you more details about XLIFF.

  • Publish Notifications: An option to send out a message to a selection of Users of the Account. This will allow you to notify other platform Users that a draft is ready for review and publication.

  • Multiple Flickr and Search modules: Users can now add multiple Flickr widgets and Search modules to a Release or Newsroom.

  • Google Meta Module: Users now have the option to add specific Metadata to any case allowing Google News to better classify your content.


Incorporating media assets directly in your press releases has become the standard, therefore we have optimized our Media section to enable you to easily create a rich media release. Recent updates include:

  • Media Manager: The Media Manager now shows if items are published to the Media Library by showing a simple icon indicator

  • Mass Copy Image module: Users can now mass copy Image modules to other selected languages. A new module can be created or an existing one can be overwritten.

Want to stay on top of the latest developments? Be sure to check the roadmap in the main PressPage Manager menu (top-right corner) for upcoming functionalities!


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