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PressPage Product Update Q4 2017

Up to another successful year

Looking back at 2017, it has been a year in which we have grown as a company in many aspects. Not only did we add new people to our team, the platform has also grown more. In Q4 PressPage Mail has been one of our main focus points, however we have worked on other aspects of the platform as well and are happy to tell you about it:

PressPage Mail

Several updates have been completed to Presspage Mail, our module which enables users to manage contacts and create and send email campaigns directly from within PressPage. Recently developed upgrades include:

  • Import contacts: Importing contacts gives better feedback, allowing you to download a csv file of all failed imports. Also, duplicate entries can now be overwritten or skipped.

  • Subscribe module: Set custom titles, messages and customize the confirmation Emails for when visitors subscribe to Email campaigns. Subscribing to specific Email lists is also an option now.

  • Placeholders email: Set dynamic first and last name in your Email campaigns and drag and drop these and other modules into place within your campaign such as Featured images and attachments.

Platform updates

Next to the updates for PressPage Mail, our team has worked on the performance and accessibility of the platform as well. The publication pages for Newsrooms and the Media Library received a speed performance update, which improves the overall user experience. Also, all newsrooms have had various accessibility updates to further improve the accessibility of our newsrooms. These updates were mainly focused on keyboard accessibility and screen readers.

Other updates

The PressPage platform has been updated to support the new character limit of 280 characters for Twitter messages. We now support the customization of the cookie information popup. Although adding an audio module to your newsroom was already available, we now offer the option to show or hide the controls (progressbar, volume slider). We’ve also added new languages to the platform: Israel Hebrew and Colombia Spanish.


Take a look at all the items we have planned for the first quarter of 2018 by logging in to the PressPage Manager and checking out the roadmap in the top-right menu.


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