Development report - August & September 2011

This time we present a bundled development report for August and September, showcasing a lot of expansions and improvements of features. Below is a list of the most important updates.

Enhancement modules (30-09-2011)
Several modules (poll, quotes and external links) now have drag & drop capabilities, allowing users to rearrange data effortlessly. A relatively simple update that contributes to the efficiency of the platform.

Flickr integration (27-09-2011)
Use a Flickr account or a specific Flickr Set to create a widget in the righthand column that displays the first 12 images in miniature. These thumbnails are linked to their specific pages on Flickr.

Statistics > Cache (23-09-2011)
A technical system enhancement that generates statistics in cache. This results in faster response times and less load on the system.

Twitter Search Language (22-09-2011) 
An expansion of the Twitter Search module that enables the addition of a search language, making it possible to add tweets in the same language of that of a social media release. This improves relevancy of the resulting tweets in a very simple way.

Newsroom module > Poll (21-09-2011)
The poll module can now be added to newsrooms. As individual social media releases have a relatively short lifespan, the newsroom is a great place to gather data.

Module > Gallery - Carousel (06-09-2011)
On default, images show in a 'carousel', but by using this option images will just be displayed in miniature form.

Quotes 2.0 (12-08-2011)
A big new release of the quote module that allows for a more personal touch by adding optional photo and social media accounts.

Clean URLs (05-08-2011)
This system update removed the 'IDs' from the URLs of social media releases. This provides full control of URL structure.

Template update (05-08-2011)
More options for the creation of custom templates as more default values can be configured with this template update. This adds to the flexibility of the PressPage platform and the way it integrates with all kinds of designs.

Statistics Usability (05-08-2011)
Navigate the statistics more efficiently with this usability update in the statistics pages.

Timezones (05-08-2011)
The scheduling of social media releases from different timezones. Accounts can be set to their own default timezone which is used in every social media release. However, individual releases can be configured to be published based on any other timezone if necessary. This update is part of a larger set of updates focused on the internationalization of PressPage.

For direct insight into the latest developments, please visit our roadmap. Once logged in, the link to the roadmap can be found under the 'log out' button.

In the fourth quarter of 2011 we will implement a couple of large updates. These updates will be focused on usability. Agencies will get a nice set of updates and an interesting surprise. We'll keep you posted!

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