Development report - July 2011

The month of July was primarily marked by increasing and improving the Newsroom functionalities. Both in terms of design and functionality we have made some nice updates. The most important we have put together in the list below.

Newsroom Tagcloud 1.0 (07/28/2011)
Shows the most common tags from all published releases. This creates a beautiful and functional representation of the main issues. By clicking on a tag a summary page opens with all the releases can be seen that the respective tag. A handy tool for anyone seeking information about a specific topic.

Newsroom Search 0.5 (07/15/2011)
Using this simple search, the complete archive of social media releases is searched.
For newsrooms with a lot of content it is therefore an important feature. The coming months will feature several more updates.

Layout Modules (14/07/2011)
The distinctive white / gray press page blocks can now be fully customized. This integrates releases and newsrooms even better with different corporate websites and brnading.

Facebook Facepile 1.1 (07/13/2011)
The old "facepile" was standard and did not fit in well with the style of client newsrooms and releases. Therefore, the standard version is now replaced by a much cleaner and neutral version.

Media Manager 1.6 (07/07/2011)
From now on files in the Media Manager are filtered at the level of the newsroom or case. So users do not endlessly need to go through old files searching for a specific downloads. In the coming weeks, the usability of the Media Manager and the media modules will be further streamlined.

For direct insight into the latest developments, please visit our roadmap. This is to be logged to be found under the button 'log out'.

For the month of August we have some more nice updates planned, these are now in the roadmap to find and we will publish in the next Development Report.


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