Development report - June 2011

PressPage improves a number of vital functions and introduces SlideShare integration into the social media release.

In recent months our team has been involved in improving the integration capabilities and further exploitation of available content and enrichment.

Below we describe some of the major developments.

'The media' module (06/15/2011)
This module can be used at newsrooms or individual cases level. It creates a network overview of all the news about the campaign and/or company. that has been published in print and on the net.

Template Tool 0.5 (expert) (06/15/2011)
Further enhancing the format and integration capabilities are very important, but the most advanced capabilities have so far exclusively been for our own team. We want to slowly change this by allowing third parties to access the template tool. This will eventually provide more flexibility to both our organization and our customers.

Google Analytics (14/06/2011)
On both newsroom as case level can now integrate existing Google Analytics code of the a corporate website to which the newsroom and releases belong. This allows more insight into visitor activity.

Statistics 1.3 (13/06/2011)
The statistics are also multilingual and expanded to better view on the keywords used, the referral sources and the number of downloads.

Media Manager 1.5 (02/06/2011)
The new Media Manager provides a better understanding of the information about the files and thus makes it more user friendly.

RSS Module (06/01/2011)
This module allows RSS feeds to show in newsrooms and releases. Thus, there is news from the sector are displayed, or the last posts of a (private) corporate blog.

SlideShare Module (06/01/2011)
Allows a simple way to add SlideShare presentations to newsrooms and releases.

For direct insight into the latest developments, please visit our roadmap. Once logged in, the link to the roadmap can be found under the 'log out' button.

For the month of July there are some nice updates in the planning, these are now in the roadmap to find and we will publish in the next Development Report.

The SlideShare integration is another example of a specific request by a partnered PR agency on behalf of a client that makes much use of SlideShare as a corporate communications channel. The fact that we can now place the Google Analytics tracking code of a website on newsroom and release level further allows the integration of our platform into the website of end users.
Bart Verhulst, Marketing & Sales Director PersPagina

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