Development Report Q1 2013

We keep expanding our roadmap, to make sure users can get the best out of their newsroom.


The first quarter of 2013 has been a very productive one for our development team. Many updates concern the further customisation and optimising of the newsroom, and some new additions are meant for a better distribution of your release. Read on to find out more.

Further improvement of the newsroom

We continue to develop new features and improve existing ones, to enable users to further customise and optimise their newsroom.

Custom Pages
The function Custom Pages enables users to add an item to their content hub that is not necessarily a press release, case or blog post. The Custom Page has the same features and usability as these items, but no compulsory fields, so users can design their page to their hearts content.

Social buttons

The improvement of the social media module now enables users to add every possible social media channel you can think of: simply adding the url of the channel in the social buttons module is enough.

Extra text blocks
It’s now possible to add an unlimited amount of extra text blocks in the message, besides the main text block. This enables users to split up large pieces of text, and alternating text, quote and image and/or video modules, thus greatly enhancing the visual appeal of a release or blogpost.

Newsroom banner
The newsroom banner can now be customised, to include an image or logo. 

New features

A few important new features greatly improve the accessibility and distribution of your content.

Mobile User Interface
We recently launched our new Mobile User Interface (MUI) for the world's most popular devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and Google Android smart-phones. This update ensures a new look and feel for presenting corporate media that enables visitors on mobile devices to make their way through a brand's published content more intuitively, saving time and increasing engagement.

Twitter distribution
When publishing a new release, distribution via Twitter can be included in the process. A single tweet will be sent out automatically, ensuring your release is sent out the minute it is published.

Tweetable quote
Speaking of Twitter, how about a tweetable quote? We have improved our quote module so that quotes can be tweeted directly from the release, with the possibility of slightly adjusting the text or adding hashtags, for instance. 
A tweeted quote can serve as a teaser, sending more readers to your newsroom. plug-in enabling more distribution options

For our Dutch customers we have added a plug-in with online distribution tool With this smart plug-in, social media releases can now be sent by email to different groups of recipients. This will make sending and sharing company news a lot more efficient, more effective, and more measurable. For UK customers we are developing a similar feature.





This year was off to a great start, and for Q2 we also have a lot of upcoming updates as well as some exciting new features. To have a look at all implemented updates and future additions, please login and find the 'roadmap' button in the upper-right.