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Development Report Q1 2014

A blazing start of the year for the PressPage development team

The PressPage development team delivered a record amount of updates in the first quarter of the year. From a huge infrastructure upgrade and security enhancements to new features and UI updates, it has been quite a ride. 

Up to the sky

The PressPage platform is growing agressively in usage and functionality. More and more customers direct traffic to our system and come up with great ideas for our team to implement. To make sure we keep up with the growth, we are constantly working on our infrastructure.

Just very recently (March 28th), we migrated to Amazon Web Services to evolve the platform to a truly scalable system. This will enable our team to define parameters to fully automate the up- and downscaling of the PressPage platform. Whether we need to handle one or a hundred million visits a day, our system will automatically adjust itself. We have laid the foundation and are finetuning the new PressPage infrastructure every day.

Managing your media

Content should be managed effortlessly. That's why our team has been working on better upload and mass edit/delete functionality. This enables our users to add titles and tags to multiple files at a time, reducing the time they work on the metadata of their content. To enforce copyright policy, a new option has been introduced which displays a custom copyright text. 
Functional eyecandy

Anyone visiting one of the newsrooms or social media releases powered by PressPage should have a great experience. Fast loading pages, smart functionality and great design features should support the content created by our users to give visitors an optimal experience. 

Two small examples of improvements with regards to functionality and design are the new video and coverage modules. The 'Popup video' option not only speeds up the loadtime of the video module, it facilitates a far better integration of video in terms of design. The improved coverage module is elegant and easily integrated into any design but now displays the source of the items.

On mobile devices, we upgraded the experience in several ways. We added video and SlideShare modules optimized for mobile use and by tweaking our mobile configuration, a significant speed increase was realized. On top of the mobile UI we already had, we introduced our responsive framework which let's all content scale according to the resolution the visitor is viewing in.

Getting things done

Communications professionals worldwide face strict deadlines and need to perform under pressure. To make sure our platform enables them to get more done, we constantly work on workflow. One of the biggest projects this past quarter was the complete redesign of the publication process. After a couple of iterations, we have managed to create a very clean and simple process which will save our users a lot of time throughout the year.

A similar redesign has been implemented for the 'Audio' and 'Download' modules. We managed to put the same functionality into a much cleaner and intuitive interface, helping our users to get their job done.

Protecting your data

As data security gets more important every day, we are looking into all kinds of ways to not only protect data but the reputation of our clients as well. One of the best examples these past months is the implementation of a completely new encryption policy to make sure passwords are kept safe from prying eyes.

Another strange thing our team learned about was that journalists apparently tried to guess the titles of new releases, and together with previously received 'preview hashes' they could in theory get to see a release before publication. Therefore we implemented unique hashes per release, which completely eliminates such a risk.

With regard to Rights Management, we implemented granular specification of the languages users should be able to manage. Next to that, we implemented the 'Contributor' role which can only create and edit drafts. This for example is the ideal role for interns, as there is no direct way of 'live' communication. After the Contributor finishes a draft, an author or manager can do a final check and publish the release.


As usual, we've got a lot of new updates coming up in the coming months. Just login and take a look at our roadmap!