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Development Report Q1 2015

As a company that prides itself in providing customers with an outstanding platform for news publication and distribution, we do a very poor job at communicating our own stories. The reason is pretty straight forward; we do not have anyone in charge of communications. Even the Development Report gets pushed aside in favor of developing new features or assisting our clients.

This year we plan on telling our own stories better, as it is essential to provide more insight in all the work we do to improve the lives of communicators across the globe.

For now, let’s dive into the most important developments of the last six months.

Managing your media
Our users upload a lot of images and other files for use within their newsrooms and social media releases. That is why the PressPage Media Manager is an essential part of the platform. In the last months, our team has implemented major improvements that result in a better workflow and a significant speed increase. This enables a user to manage large amounts of files without any problem.

Insight is key
For most of us, ‘ROI’ is an important factor. To calculate the ROI, we need statistics. That is why our team is constantly working on the data we present to our users about their newsrooms and releases. In the first quarter, the statistics pages have had a couple of serious upgrades, which provide deeper insight.

Eventually, we want our system to give our users active tips to improve their content and distribution to ensure maximum exposure.

No hostages
It regularly surprises us that a lot of companies seem to have locked their content in some sort of content management system without a clue how to get it all out. Our team then tries to salvage most of the content using scraping techniques.

As we value our users and the companies they represent, we feel it is our duty to help them even if they decide to leave us for whatever reason. That is why we introduced an export option which not only provides all texts, but all media files too. Our team will keep improving the export functionality to ensure that even the process of leaving our platform is perfect.

Not just a pretty picture
Newsroom design principles are constantly changing. Not only are responsive and adaptive techniques essential to providing the best possible experience, but lively and visual experiences are what audiences are expecting to find.

The new headline configuration options provide a very useful and direct way of getting a newsroom to the next visual level. One of our clients using these options is Velux, which recently developed and launched a gorgeous newsroom by working with our team and platform.

Coming up

As always, we invite our clients to take a look at the roadmap (see top-right navigation when logged in). We have a lot of great items in the pipeline that will further enhance the performance and usability of the PressPage platform. Combined with completely revamped distribution functionality, we are confident that the newsrooms will see a significant increase in coverage and visitor growth.

Now let’s get back to work!