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Development Report Q2 & Q3 2014

It has been a while since the publication of the last PressPage development report (start of Q2). We’ve been very busy with our roadmap and development for a lot of new corporate clients who expect the highest quality implementation and support. So it’s time to give you an idea of what happened after Q1 of this year. Let's dive right in.


With the growth of our platform and the increase of visitor numbers across all of our clients, our team is constantly focused on the code efficiency of newsrooms as well as the PressPage Manager. An important step in the last couple of months has been the implementation of MongoDB to speed up the statistics pages and remove a barrier in the logging of visitors, resulting in improved scalability.

Subfolder integration

Our ability to seamlessly integrate into any existing design and environment has evolved even further with the introduction of the subfolder integration. We have developed a solution that does not require an iFrame (commonly used as a quick fix). This enables our clients to implement our platform using either a subdomain or subfolder, knowing that both options respect SEO guidelines to the fullest.

Usability & Workflow

Be it the new dashboard in early Q2 or the several workflow updates in Q3, we are constantly evolving the platform to ensure its ease of use. The new and improved Media Manager is now implemented in every media module. Upload, edit, manage and select, all in one simple to use interface regardless of the media module at hand. Thumbnails can even be cropped to ensure an optimized featured image.


Our team has worked on several updates which can be used in newsrooms and social media releases. Like the new 'Featured release' module, which can be set to display the latest news or a specific important release. Comments can now be approved by default, so visitors can see their contribution appear instantly (of course comments can still be removed). Furthermore, we have improved the newsreel and media library, providing new display options.

Account export & Settings

We feel it is our duty to help our clients structure their content and have a firm grip on their creations. That’s why we recently introduced the export functionality, which produces a ZIP archive with all releases in JSON format and a directory containing all uploaded files. This does not only give our clients the possibility to have a copy of all of their content, it also helps them a lot if they decide to migrate to another platform. Even then, we are here to help.

On account level, we have implemented a new functionality to help our users manage large amounts of content. It is now very easy to edit boilerplates, contacts and social channels across an entire account.

Statistics & Monitoring

Prior to implementing MongoDB, statistics were updated every 24 hours. Campaign results did not become visible until at least the next day. We have worked hard to provide statistics that are completely real-time. So data will not only be up-to-date, but also very tangible as it populates the new real-time graphs. Publish your content and see traffic flowing in.


Getting the word out is crucial, so our team has worked on several distribution aspects. The addition of images in auto-tweets and inclusion of image galleries in e-mail exports to our partners help enrich messages through those channels. The new management and constant verification of social media accounts ensures a clear workflow and eliminates unnecessary errors.

Coming up

Working towards the end of the year, our team will focus on workflow, statistics and distribution. Fundamental parts of PressPage that will evolve to new levels in the coming months. On top of that, we will introduce a couple of modules that can be used instantly in any newsroom or social media release.

Please check out the roadmap for more information on what's coming up. If you have any questions, please give us a call or login and create a ticket.