Development Report Q2 2013

We keep expanding our roadmap, to make sure users can get the best out of their newsroom.


After a productive start of 2013 we're keeping up the pace. Next to some brand new features, a lot of updates concern the further customisation and optimising of the newsroom. Read on to find out more.

New features

We continue to develop new features and improve existing ones, to enable users to further customise and optimise their newsroom.

As we want our users to benefit from all the advantages infographics have to offer, we have optimised our infographic-module. They can now be included in the release itself or added to the module-column on the right or left. Users can add a custom title and easily enable (or disable) the embedding of the infographic by readers and other interested parties. Since infographics are often vertically-shaped the module will show a fragment, enabling users to click to enlarge.

RSS module
This new feature is a nice addition to the newsroom. With the RSS module it is now possible to add a feed with content from an other website directly into your own newsroom, in a seperate segment.  With this module you can enrich your newsroom with headlines from another source.


Further improvement of existing features

Custom Bitly links
The use of shortened links in social media releases is very useful, particularly to monitor web traffic. From the beginning, PressPage has used Bitly, currently the most popular short link service. It is now possible for users to use their own (customized) Bitly links, both in the 'share text' of social media channels like Twitter as well as for distribution purposes. This way, monitoring web traffic to and from the newsroom can be done even more accurately.




LinkedIn share button addition
A release can now be shared on LinkedIn by readers; all content comes with a standard LinkedIn-share button. 

Case Message improvements
In the dashboard, we have made some important improvements to the lay-out of the case. Optional fields that are used less than others (such as 'Newsfacts' or 'Inline Image') can now be accessed through 'Add optional element'. This results in a more organised back-end, preventing users from getting overwhelmed. 
Within this bundle of optional elements, a new feature is 'Excerpt'. Users can manually edit the text within this excerpt, so it can function as a 'teaser text' in the newsroom. 
'Inline image' is another new feature, that enables users to add a seperate image in between two textblocks.

Media Manager improvement: adding SlideShare and uploading images through URL 
SlideShare is currently the most popular system for hosting and sharing presentations online. It is now possibe to add SlideShare presentations in the Media Manager, so users can easily integrate them into their releases.
Another smart improvement within the Media Manager is the possiblity to insert images by simply using the image URL; this way one doesn't have to download and then upload the image first. Easy does it!

Coverage module improvement
External links, showcasing articles from other sources (the so-called 'In the media' segment), can now be added to a release and the newsroom simultaneously, with a simple click of a button. No more need to add the links in two separate acts.

Report Generator 
When downloading a report with case statistics, it is now possible to change the date range first, giving users more control over their monitoring of web traffic. 

File downloads from own domain
Last but not least, files that are downloaded from a newsroom, like pictures or.pdfs, will now have a permalink from that newsroom. The URL of the corresponding file will now only trace back to the newsrooms own domain.