Development Report Q2 2012

In the second quarter of 2012 we had a broad range of updates. We did an overhaul of some crucial parts like the Media Manager, statistics and the publish process and introduced a couple of very useful new features. Read on for the in-depth story.


Media Coverage
On newsroom level we extended the coverage module to a complete overview page. Saved URLs and PDF files are visually represented by thumbnails, resulting in an appealing way of browsing past coverage. 

Statistics 2.0

Accountability is important, that is why we are always working on providing deeper insight into what's happening with your newsroom and social media releases. With this overhaul of the statistics pages, we not only implemented huge usability improvements but introduced a couple of social aspects too. Expect to see even more updates in this area in Q3.

Report Generator

With a push of the button a complete overview PDF of the most critical statistics regarding your newsroom or social media release is generated. 


These reports can be used to easily inform clients or internal project groups about results without everyone having to login to see live statistics. 

Usability & Design

Layout Editor 1.5
The most important part of the Layout Editor has always been the 'Drag & Drop box'. It provides a way of quickly moving modules around. As the more advanced features experience a lot less usage, we decided to display a bigger Drag & Drop box and hide the advanced features. We also added a way for users to edit module titles, which we had a lot of requests for. 

Media Manager 1.8
Once again we implemented some updates to make the Media Manager more intuitive. Displayed files on case level are by default only those that were initially uploaded to that specific case. All other files available on newsroom level can be accessed by using a simple switch. As the Media Manager is a real usability challenge, expect to see more updates in the coming quarter. We are constantly improving the workflow.

Dashboard 2.0
With the launch of PressPage in 2010, we introduced our first dashboard. Soon enough we found out that our users didn't really use it the way we thought they would. So we began tweaking it. However, we still didn't get the desired results. So a major overhaul was needed. Building Dashboard 2.0, we focused on the most important use-cases and we were aiming to create a more dynamic first overview page after login. Now it's possible to directly see the latest relevant statistics, start a new case from the dashboard and access the last modified accounts and cases.


Other updates
Apart from the relatively large updates mentioned above, there were some others that are small but notable.
The instant generation of RSS feeds is one of them. Previously users might had to wait up to 2 minutes before new content would show up in a RSS feed. Now, when new content is published a service is triggered that directly generates the relevant RSS feeds. 
The Media Library had a nice update that includes audio files and other downloadable content besides images and video to give visitors a complete overview of all available content.
Another small but crucial usability update was implemented in the publish process. The new interface prevents a lot of simple mistakes that were regularly made with the old interface, like forgetting to publish certain languages. 

To take a look at all implemented updates and future updates, please login and find the 'roadmap' button in the upper-right. For an overview of all implemented and future updates we refer you to our roadmap, which can be found in the upper-right after logging in.


PressPage is the leading content-sharing-platform technology provider for social newsrooms, virtual press centres, and online media hubs.Our technology is uniquely designed to add workflow efficiency and distribution effectiveness; allowing brands to tell an engaging and optimised online story that is published straight into the search and social worlds.

Professional UK bodies for public relations practitioners like the CIPRPRCA, and IPRA all work with PressPage's newsroom technology.

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