Development Report Q3 2012

Sunshine, ice cream and new features make for happy developers and clients.

Just like every summer, the decrease in PR-activity from our clients gave us some extra time to work on updates and completely new features. Read on to find out about the biggest updates we've been serving up in the past three months!


Template Editor 2.0
We already covered this update in a separate release, because we just couldn't wait. It is another step in our mission to give our users complete freedom in the way they create and present their content. By dragging modules around unique newsrooms and releases can be created. A lot of our clients have already put the new possibilities to good use.

Countdown 2.0

Previously available in basic form, the countdown is now transformed into a fully functional and valuable feature. 

It allows our users to show a temporary announcement on the page where a social media release is scheduled to appear, combined with a countdown clock. When the countdown reaches zero, the page refreshes automatically and shows the social media release in it's full glory. 

3D Tagcloud

Building on the basic tagcloud we already had, we implemented a 3D version that presents tags in a far more visual and interactive way. 


Facebook Newsroom 1.1

Adding a newsroom tab to a Facebook fanpage has been made a lot easier with the update to the publication options. Set it up in just a few clicks!


Media Library 1.3
It's important for the visitors of your newsroom to be able to quickly find relevant media. That's why the Media Library has been updated with a robust search function and a tab system which separates the different types of files.


Newsroom search 0.7

The general newsroom search functionality has been expanded to include media elements. Search for a subject and find related releases, images, videos and other files.

Usability & Workflow

A completely new feature that allows our users to create new cases based on previous ones to improve workflow. New cases created this way inherit elements like social media channels, boilerplates, contact information, location and tags. We've already had great feedback from several of our clients saying this feature boosts their efficiency dramatically.

Quotes 2.2
Most of our clients regularly quote their CEO, PR representative or other employees facing the public. The improved quote module provides a list with previously quoted people. By selecting one of those names, the social media channels and the avatar from that person are instantly pre-filled to create the new quote. Another time-saver we've had great feedback on.

Media Manager 2.0
To streamline the process of adding media elements, we added upload functionality to the media modules. Media elements added that way are indexed in the Media Manager. The new tabs allow for quick navigation between different filetypes. 

Form 1.1
This update on the form module allows users to download data submitted through PressPage forms as Excel files. Heineken was one of our first clients to test this new feature for the accreditation of journalists. It helped them speed up the process and have had 325 journalists and bloggers sign-up.

Other updates
To take a look at all implemented updates and future updates, please login and find the 'roadmap' button in the upper-right.


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