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Development Report Q4 2012

Starting the new year with great features from under the tree.


In the last months of 2012 our development team implemented a lot of updates across the board. A lot of these are visible to the public, as they have direct impact on social media newsrooms and releases. Others are purely focused on workflow enhancement. Read on to find out more.

Focus on visual

We've been working hard to make sure social media newsrooms and releases keep being improved visually.

YouTube Playlists
Apart from being able to add individual YouTube videos we now added the possibility to include complete YouTube playlists in newsrooms and releases.


Similar to our Flickr module, we created an Instagram module that displays tiles of your Instagram pictures. A great way to keep newsrooms and releases updated with the latest Instagrams.


Featured & latest release

On newsroom level we updated the 'latest release' module to include the featured images belonging to the  releases, which vastly improves the visual appeal of the newsroom. The new 'featured release' module enables the selection of a specific release to be highlighted, very useful in case of crisis or other special occasions.



From now on releases with a countdown timer are displayed in the newsroom. A great way to trigger newsroom visitors to return later on.


The simple headline module has been expanded to a fully configurable module that enables our users to create multiple headline lists and add filters based on tags. It's a smart way to group content. For example, we've tagged all development reports with 'development' to create a dedicated list for development news (see below). Just imagine all the ways you could put this new feature to use...


From simple usability tweaks to advanced reporting options, the PressPage back-end is constantly evolving to stay a powerful tool for PR- and communications professionals.

Save bar
The save bar allows our users to save their work at any time as it remains in the same position at the bottom of the screen. A simple but very effective usability update.

Report Generator
It now is possible to download reports in different languages, which is especially relevant to our international agencies. Within the newsroom report, we added a top 10 list of the most popular cases.

To give our clients more insight we added graphs of the amount of Twitter followers and Facebook fans over time. Furthermore, we now track and display the amount of image downloads and views on newsroom, release and media archive level.

Other updates
To take a look at all implemented updates and future updates, please login and find the 'roadmap' button in the upper-right.


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