Development Report Q4 2013

Working on the flow for 2014 and beyond


In the last months of 2013 our development team mostly focused on workflow improvements to help you work even more efficiently. Next to that, a couple of great new features were introduced. Read on to get an overview of what we've been up to in the last quarter of 2013.

Working on the flow

With major improvements in the way media items are managed on PressPage, the workflow is vastly improved. 

Media Manager / Media Library
We've traded the 'visual' overview of the Media Manager to create more space for a functional overview that allows for mass editing and improved language support. Easily add titles, descriptions and tags to multiple media items and chose in which Media Library they should appear. Expect to see more functionality in the Media Manager in the near future (see roadmap for more information).

Media search
As our clients upload more and more of their media items, we noticed that they had a harder time finding the right content to include in their releases. With our new search and filter functionality, we enable our users to quickly find the right material by filtering on title, description, tags and date. A big time saver!

The back-end of the gallery module is completely redesigned with the new 'media search' functionality in place.
 Also, re-arranging and deleting images is now even more intuitive. This clean and user-friendly interface vastly speeds up the process of creating an image gallery.

New features 

After Twitter and Facebook, our team got to work on LinkedIn auto-publishing. By connecting to LinkedIn with OAuth, PressPage collects the relevant company pages to enable automatic publication. So from now on, your social media releases can be automatically pushed to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.. simultaneously!

Twitter geolocation
One of the most used modules just got better: the Twitter Search module now allows our users to define a specific region to search for tweets, resulting in less clashes with international campaigns and spam tweets. 

Headline module 2.1
In line with the featured news carousel, a visual option has been added to the headline module. The 'scroll' option allows for endless scrolling of headlines accomodated with featured images. It can be a real centerpiece of any newsroom or content hub.

In the first quarter of 2014, our focus will remain on improving workflow. Furthermore we are working on speed improvements and new statistics. Check out the roadmap to get an idea of what's coming up!

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