New flow and homepage

Since the launch of PressPage, our development team has had a clear focus on the flow of the platform process. More features, bug fixes and a lot of improvements in usability as a result.

New flow
Since the last major update we have a clearer distinction between the way newsrooms and releases are created and managed.
This update makes the navigation between newsrooms and cases a lot more intuitive and also provides room for future expansion and translation of the newsroom level functionality.

Since the launch of the website PressPage has received little attention, our team was mainly concerned with improving and expanding the underlying system. So it was high time for a substantial redesign. We decided to place more focus on existing clients and their cases, and make room for future expansion as a search engine and categories. The new design is now live and we have already received many positive responses.

In the coming weeks we will continue to develop the above points. Meanwhile, we have the international versions ( and to roll out.


PressPage is the leading content-sharing-platform technology provider for social newsrooms, virtual press centres, and online media hubs.Our technology is uniquely designed to add workflow efficiency and distribution effectiveness; allowing brands to tell an engaging and optimised online story that is published straight into the search and social worlds.

Professional UK bodies for public relations practitioners like the CIPRPRCA, and IPRA all work with PressPage's newsroom technology.