Towards a more creative newsroom

The rise of ‘brand journalism’ pushes newsroom technology further.


Companies are defining their communications roadmap in an effort to become more effective and efficient. By building their own media channels, brands are beginning to notice the myriad of benefits associated with telling and distributing their stories themselves.

PressPage, the leading provider of social newsroom technology, continuously develops features to enable a best of breed PR newsroom solution.

Brand journalism, also known as content marketing or corporate media, is the practice whereby brands provide a steady flow of high-quality content -linked in some way to the brand and/or its industry- that can be shared with relevant audiences. For each audience it can differ in form, tone, frequency, timing, etc.
An elementary aspect of brand journalism is that the content in many ways resembles a journalistic product.

A press release is not a story. It lacks journalistic sensibility and is therefore less likely to cause engagement from social and web audiences.

How should the modern newsroom adapt to these changing consumer and brand PR demands?

In a first step to creating a more ‘creative’ newsroom, PressPage has added the possibility to customise headlines on it's newsrooms. In practice a brand can now differentiate between the more formal ‘press releases’, more personalised ‘blog posts’ and general ‘news’ items. 

The differentiation between headlines becomes important as it allows a brand to continuously publish content of different sorts, that can be mutually reinforcing. Imagine a ‘press release’ followed up by a personal ‘blog post’ of the CEO and several related smaller news items to back up the story.

About us

PressPage is the leading content-sharing-platform technology provider for social newsrooms, virtual press centres, and online media hubs.Our technology is uniquely designed to add workflow efficiency and distribution effectiveness; allowing brands to tell an engaging and optimised online story that is published straight into the search and social worlds.

Professional UK bodies for public relations practitioners like the CIPRPRCA, and IPRA all work with PressPage's newsroom technology.