Optimise your content strategy with Slideshare

The platform has grown to become the world’s largest professional content sharing community.


Slideshare has become the world's largest professional content sharing community, with over 60 million monthly users making their presentations accessible to a huge audience. Slideshare has the most important features of a social media platform, enabling users to follow, like and share presentations.
Using Slideshare for presentations can boost SEO because of its high rankings in search engines, and the fact that all documents uploaded to the site are indexed. Embedding Slideshare presentations in newsrooms and releases can yield extra traffic. You can optimize your presentations with keyword-rich titles and tags. 

When Slideshare was introduced in 2006, it was named 'The Youtube of Powerpoint' by some. The platform has since has grown to become the world's largest professional content sharing community, enabling users to share and embed presentations made in PowerPoint, Keynote or OpenOffice. LinkedIn purchased the company in May 2012 for no less than $119 million.

60 million monthly visitors
By adding your presentations to Slideshare you make them public and accessible to a huge audience. In May of this year the platform announced that over 10 million presentations where uploaded by then, of which 31% by European users. Slideshare has a monthly average of 60 million visitors, who account for an impressive 130 million pageviews! Despite these massive figures, Slideshare is still not very well-known as a marketing tool. In a recent poll executed by American business development group RSW/USin accordance with Adweek, only 21% of agencies said to use Slideshare as a vehicle for business leads. 

Social media features
What makes Slideshare so suitable for modern workflow is the fact that it focuses on a broad spectrum of content, and
has the most important features of a social media platform: people can follow a certain company to stay up-to-date of their presentations and they can 'favorite' and share presentations. Users who choose to upgrade to a pro-account will have access to full analytics, which can make it useful for lead generation. 


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