PR is rapidly evolving in four major ways

The field of PR has some catching up to do, but is now showing some serious signs of moving with the times. We look at four ways PR has been steadily progressing in recent times.

In the last decade we’ve seen critical business disciplines like accounting, sales and marketing evolve faster than ever. Although the field of public relations has certainly seen a fair share of innovation, there have not been highly disruptive platforms, business models, methods or other factors with enough impact to lift the industry to the next level.

More recently, however, there have been some notable developments which suggest PR is entering a new chapter. Let’s check out four ways PR is evolving:

1. Marketing stops eating PR

Friendly battles between marketing and PR are a daily reality for a large share of our customers. PR people write great content, which marketing colleagues want to use (or abuse) for lead generation purposes. Sometimes this makes a lot of sense, of course, and it might be just a business necessity, but is severely decreases the content’s value for media and other influencers, and here’s why: a lot of ‘soft’ or background stories do not generate the number of leads marketing is looking for, and therefore are simply not written. Those same stories could however be very interesting to journalists and other types of influencers, potentially leading to the indirect creation of brand value.

A lot of PR people and agencies have even folded their core PR activities to completely focus on content marketing. Fortunately, this neglection of PR practices due to the fast rise of content marketing is slowly being undone, as PR departments and agencies are redefining their strategy. With that, companies worldwide are rediscovering the role and importance of public relations in their communications.

2. Rest in peace newswires

Newswires have been an essential part of public relations, but their position has weakened significantly in the last five years. Instead of spending fortunes on this old way of distributing news, companies are now allocating a growing part of their budgets to the creation of more high-quality content and online environments like newsrooms or curation hubs.

With the value of newswires decreasing, we expect to see a completely new model emerge, where organizations can distribute their news for free and the platform is supported by sponsors. The experience will need to be geared towards the media and specialized influencers, giving them a powerful tool to find relevant new content on the topic they are covering.

Sébastien Willems, Co-founder & CEO of PressPage
PR SaaS will make the lives of public relations professionals a lot more productive and fun.
Sébastien Willems, Co-founder & CEO of PressPage

3. SaaS for PR

Entire industries have been reshaped through the rise of SaaS platforms. Countless solutions for accounting, sales, marketing, HR and other disciplines have had a dramatic, positive impact on the way work is being done around the world. Relatively, the PR industry has seen a very modest degree of innovation.

Apart from our own contribution, we see a lot of new startups entering the market with interesting ideas on the new age of PR and journalism. In the next three years, a serious boom in PR SaaS will make the lives of public relations professionals a lot more productive and fun.

4. Quality over quantity

One of the essential aspects of PR has always been the management of relationships with the media. This has been a lower priority for a lot of PR professionals as the wires and distribution lists delivered results for years. Now that those results are rapidly deteriorating, personal relationships are becoming more important once again.

Relationship management is one of the areas a couple of new startups are focused on. For years, the focus was on getting the longest possible list. Now people are starting to put more time and energy in their shortlist and fostering real connections. PR is returning to its roots, assisted by next generation tools and platforms.

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