PressPage "ideal tool for PR agencies" in second SMR Review


The publication of the second SMR web-application review, an independent comparison of web applications for creating, managing, distributing and tracking of Social Media Releases (SMR) and online newsrooms, clearly indicates that the PR and communications professional has an ever broader choice of technology suppliers.

In his review, Mr Plasschart concludes that PressPage is the ideal solution for public relations and communications agencies. For PressPage this is a very strong compliment as we strive to fulfil our vision that "the agency is the hero".

  • PressPage is intended for use by PR and communications professionals
  • Since the last review PressPage has added relevant target user features
  • As of January 2012, PressPage introduces the "Umbrella Newsroom" feature
  • PressPage is not for the single release, but a platform for the professional
  • PressPage is the ideal solution for PR and communications agencies

In his second SMR web-application review, Mr. Plasschaert argues that, in some cases, the differences between the various suppliers is quite large, but in other aspects they again seem very similar. For the review, the SMR expert tested and reviewed the 10 suppliers (in this, Mr Plasschaert has made a clear differentiation between off-the-shelf and custom systems).

Unfortunately, the review is not yet available in English. For an English version it is best to contact Mr Plasschaert directly.

Due to the Internet, particularly social media, the landscape of public relations has expanded drastically offering agencies new growth horizons. As brands want to communicate via social media channels, they more often than not need the assistance of their PR-advisors concerning strategy and content.
Therefore, PressPage will remain primarily focused on its agency strategy - believing that the brands with strong social media ambitions will be best served by the joint value proposition of a PR agency's Strategy, Content, and Organisation combined with PressPage's Technology.

Partners and experts agree that PressPage offers a unique tool that empowers PR agencies to deliver a turn-key social media solution.

Leoni Jansen, Edelman
PressPage provides an extremely easy and quick way to provide companies with very complete and awesome looking Social Media Newsrooms - I very much trust the product and the development vision PressPage has. The people are a pleasure to work with - friendly, flexible and confident to set the standard.
Leoni Jansen, Edelman
Serge Beckers, Wisse Kommunikatie (Worldcom Public Relations Group)
Wisse Kommunikatie has been working with PressPage in presenting and distributing customers' news in a more dynamic, vibrant, and social manner; allowing the interaction with the journalist and public awareness. The analytics behind the releases show that it works. Visitors to the newsrooms come back regularly for new information about our customers, in the form of images, case studies, brochures, videos, audio material and links to the profiles of the contacts.
PressPage trusts PR agencies because they know what their customers need, Wisse Kommunikatie trusts PressPage because they think with and ahead of us.
Serge Beckers, Wisse Kommunikatie (Worldcom Public Relations Group)
Jos Govaart,  Coopr
There are several providers of Social Media Releases and Newsrooms on the market. Coopr has long been searching for the best solution for our customers. In that search we were looking for a party that shared our needs and ambitions. With PressPage it felt good from the start. Our role as a launching partner is a logical consequence.
Jos Govaart, Coopr
Peter Davina, IvRM (Worldcom Public Relations Group)
We have now been working with PressPage for more than half a year offering Social Media Releases and Newsroom to our customers. Thanks to the intuitive navigation, we are able to book very good results for our clients in the online media landscape. PressPage offers the ability to continually add new modules and is structurally under continuous development, so customers always have the latest applications. The newsroom and Social Media Releases are well received by relevant journalists and other stakeholders.
Peter Davina, IvRM (Worldcom Public Relations Group)
Menno van der Vlist, H.J. Heinz
I think PressPage is a very good communication tool. It helps me enormously to spread our news. The beauty of PressPage is that is is fully integrated into existing website, but separately accessible. Moreover, the platform enables to share news through social media channels in a very easy manner, a must for me. And not unimportant: PressPage is plug & play!
Menno van der Vlist, H.J. Heinz
Tom Foremski, Editor of The Silicon Valley Watcher
With PressPage, PR firms don't need to add specialist staff and can quickly deploy the newsroom technology with their clients.
Tom Foremski, Editor of The Silicon Valley Watcher

PressPage is the leading content-sharing-platform technology provider for social newsrooms, virtual press centres, and online media hubs.Our technology is uniquely designed to add workflow efficiency and distribution effectiveness; allowing brands to tell an engaging and optimised online story that is published straight into the search and social worlds.

Professional UK bodies for public relations practitioners like the CIPRPRCA, and IPRA all work with PressPage's newsroom technology.

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