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PressPage integrates stock image library

Service now officially out of Beta stage

The newly integrated BigStock image library enables PressPage users to search and select images for direct use in their publications. The first three images per month are free.

At PressPage, we strongly believe in the added value of visual materials in online newsrooms. This assumption is backed by research: 77 percent of journalists are more likely to pick up a release and run with it if it includes transferable images. Unfortunately, PressPage users don’t always have direct access to relevant images in high resolution.

That is why, as of now, PressPage offers a stock image selection that can be found in the Media Manager’s drop down menu. The image library by BigStock has more than 28 million images and has a keyword search that will assist in finding the right image for your release. Selected images are added to the Media Manager and can subsequently be added to a release.

Sébastien Willems, Co-founder and COO of PressPage
In the weeks following the introduction of the stock image library we already got feedback from several clients saying it improves their workflow and prevents releases from getting 'stuck' for lack of visuals. It is a small but good example of how our team works on streamlining processes for our clients and making them more productive.
Sébastien Willems, Co-founder and COO of PressPage