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David Spark on content as the currency of social media


Bart Verhulst, co-founder and CEO of PressPage, talks to David Spark, a Silicon Valley based new media consultant and producer. The video provides some quick useful insights into using video content in releases.

David's key message being that content is the currency of social media and search engines.

For David Spark it is clear that in a self-directed world, with consumers talking to consumers, marketing and PR can only take a brand so far.
Traditional tactics such as advertising have become marginalized by search engines, users, and social media. That is why he advocates strongly that for brands to be seen and heard, they need to build their industry voice.

The most critical and popular aspects of David's angle is live event reporting and production, where backed by his team, he attends conferences and trade shows to report on the event from the editorial viewpoint of the client.

David Spark, Founder of Spark Media Solutions
By attending live industry events, one of my clients, Tripwire, an IT security company, did an excellent job making their presence felt across the security industry.
David Spark, Founder of Spark Media Solutions
Sébastien Willlems, Co-founder and COO of PressPage
Great newsrooms and SMRs are home to compelling and valuable content. David has great ways to come up with creative ideas and has the hands-on mentality to produce high quality content.
Sébastien Willlems, Co-founder and COO of PressPage

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