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Fearless Girl: how to create a buzz with offline PR

There are quite a few offline PR campaigns that have generated a lot of attention in the past few years. A recent example is the “Fearless Girl” statue that was placed opposite the “Charging Bull” statue on Wall Street, New York City on March 7 2017. The statue was placed on International Women’s Day and is intended to inspire companies to recruit women to their boards. The statue was part of a campaign to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Gender Diversity Index fund of State Street Global Advisors.

Reactions boost reach

The statue received quite some attention from a whole range of people. Mainstream media, feminists, bloggers and corporations reacted eagerly to the statue. One celebrating the meaning of the statue, while another, most sensationally the artist of the “Charging Bull” statue, offended by the impact the “Fearless Girl” statue has on the “Charging Bull” and its perception. Each and every one of them supporting the PR campaign this statue is part of.

Why does this campaign work?

Why did this campaign generate so much attention (source: Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites and Social Media)? There are a few characteristics that makes this campaign stand out. The statue is placed on a busy and famous spot and in a city that is known worldwide. It’s challenging a business that is significant to a lot of people around the world, and addressing an issue that is current and tends to generate a lot of attention. By being on Wall Street and addressing gender, there is an immediate tension surrounding the statue which invites people to react and form an opinion on the subject matter.

The statue is well made and photogenic, which makes it easy to take pictures with it and show them to loved ones. Also, the message of the campaign travels well internationally. Women's rights, equal pay and feminism are popular subjects in many countries. Because the placing of the statue and the positioning opposite the famous “Charging Bull” statue feels like an act of resistance, people are eager to respond to the statue and its message. The subject of the campaign is complex, yet easy to understand.

Use your core values

Creating a buzzing campaign like “Fearless Girl” isn’t that easy, but there are some pointers we can take away from this success. The campaign attached itself to a current issue and was executed well, and that is something you might be able to reproduce.

Think of the core values your product, service and company supports. Use these universal values as the core of your campaign, and use those to think of what the campaign should be about. These core values may be loyalty, safety, equality or integrity, to name a few. If entertainment is a huge part of your business, think of it as a way to take care of yourself. This way you may be able to attach your core values to current affairs and big societal developments to use in a campaign. Chances are, people feel connected to the issue and therefore to your company.

Make sure you execute it well. A well organized event, a nice piece of art or a well made sample go a long way when trying to reach your target audiences. Every piece of the puzzle should support the core value of the campaign and brand story. Be critical on every element you are producing, it should be authentic and matching your product, service, brand story and core values. Use a different view on your brand to create a compelling offline PR campaign.


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