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InHolland University of Applied Sciences successfully uses their multi-language newsroom

InHolland University of Applied Sciences offers 80 Bachelor programs and seven Master programs on their nine campusses in the Netherlands. Since students from at least 100 different countries study at InHolland, it is of vital importance that the university is able to reach all of them directly with the latest news and relevant articles through their own newsroom. Next to reaching students, it is important to keep in touch with parents of students, teachers, researchers, alumni and professionals.

By implementing a new social media newsroom, InHolland is able to easily share their news and articles with students and other stakeholders directly. Integrating social media channels and relevant contact information makes it easy to engage with visitors of the newsroom. The homepage of the newsroom provides an intuitive overview of news, blogs, multimedia and press coverage. This is a great way to collect all the content in one good looking place.

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