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Leveraging your digital assets: 3 brands achieving great results with their online newsroom

Newsroom centric strategies in line with new social landscape and the growing importance of 'owned web properties.'


As social networks restructure their content priority, it has become clear that brands and publishers need to pay closer attention to their owned web properties. Harnessing the power of a social newsroom completely fits into this strategy.

In part 2 of 3, we highlight another three successful examples of organizations that have implemented a newsroom centric digital strategy. If you missed part 1; click here to read the examples of the Curacao Tourist Board, Cook Children's Health Care System and Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

4. The Shepherd Center

Even though the work that is being done at the Shepherd Center can sometimes remind us of the fact that miracles do exist, it is not everyday that a hospital specializing in brain and spinal cord injuries, gets the opportunity to make the evening news or the morning headlines.

Atlanta-based Shepherd Center has used its hybrid content strategy effectively, attracting attention of news media and the general public alike.

Jane Sanders, Director of Public Relations and Digital Marketing
Six months after launching our integrated PressPage newsroom, news readership quadrupled and the center's Facebook page grew by 16 percent, with a 52 percent increase in reach!
Jane Sanders, Director of Public Relations and Digital Marketing

5. Ohio Health

The Ohio based healthcare organization's editorial philosophy and communications workflow is a stellar example of how to run your organization's online newsroom. 

Finding traditional news media harder and harder to reach in the modern age, OhioHealth saw an opportunity to showcase their internal communications stories alongside their media relations efforts to truly create a one stop shop brand journalism website.

Mark Hopkins, Director Media Relations
With our old newsroom there was a total of 11,588 hits in 2015. In the following calendar year however, with our new PressPage newsroom, we had 114,697 hits. So from 12k to 115k – that's how big it was. 889% increase in hits to be exact.
Mark Hopkins, Director Media Relations

Two years ago, OhioHealth, a not-for-profit, faith-based healthcare system in Ohio, switched their newsroom over to PressPage. Within the first year, their total viewership jumped from 11,588 visits in 2015 to 114,697 visits the next full year on their new PressPage newsroom. That is a meteoric 889% increase!

6. Manchester University

The University of Manchester is the UK’s largest single site university with almost 40,000 students. It is also one of the world’s top research universities with 25 Nobel Prize winners. See video.

Jamie Brown, News & Media Relations Manager
We have seen a dramatic increase in social media traffic. Additionally, newsroom visitors are staying on news pages longer than ever before.
Jamie Brown, News & Media Relations Manager
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