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Case: Online newsroom plays crucial role in game launch

How MEC launched Jumbo's iPawn with a tight budget.


Jumbo launched with a new generation games for which the iPad was the board. The iPad providing a dynamic board with special effects. The board of the game can be downloaded as a free app from the appstore, Jumbo's iPawns are sold in toy stores.
MEC's regional HQ in Amsterdam was challenged to launch Jumbo's iPawn just before the holidays in the Netherlands, England, Germany and Belgium with a campaign budget of only £ 7,300.
PressPage, the leading provider of social newsroom technology, was used to build the "Pressroom" to supply bloggers and Tweeps with relevant and rich content ready for use in their publications.


From the beginning it was clear that with a budget of only $ 11,400.00 a large paid publicity campaign was not feasible. But the social media team at MEC knew that many consumers actively scour the Internet for digital versions of traditional games. All MEC had to do was find these consumers, activate these and create iPawn ambassadors.

The social media team at MEC selected the right influencers (bloggers and Tweeps) by country and built a digital "Pressroom" in 4 languages with all the information and content about the new iPawn range.

Influencers were given a link to the Social Media Press Release and bloggers were provided with enough samples to test and review the iPawns before they were available in the shops.

Finally, the team activated consumers with an iPawn Facebook page, including a welcome page with a game element. The entire month of November, the social media team made it possible for an existing fan to win an iPawn set. This contest was boosted with targeted Like Ads and Sponsored Stories on Facebook.

With a campaign budget of only $ 11,400.00 - MEC achieved some incredible results for their client:

  • Over 80.000 iPawn games sold (80% of total stock);
  • Additional iPawn turnover of + $ 1,016,000.00 in less than 4 weeks;
  • Growth in online buzz volume was 2,915% in November as compared to October;
  • + 430 unique blog posts and over 2.000 posts on blogs, Facebook and Twitter within 4 weeks;
  • Generated free publicity worth $ 3,500,000.00.

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