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Pirelli newsroom drives content to success

Pirelli is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Their innovative and sustainable products are made in 19 factories across the world and supply a world class product for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

The origin of Pirelli dates back to 1872, the year Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded a limited partnership in Milan to produce elastic rubber items.

Although in the past the company has also launched fashion projects and engaged in sustainable energy, today, Pirelli is a pure tyre manufacturing company. Since 1907, Pirelli has also been a key sponsor in sports competitions.

Their newsroom is a most informative web destination covering Formula 1, governance, financial, and sustainability news with insightful and fun infographics, videos and more.

PressPage Pit Crew

As more and more global brands see the benefit of a purpose-built PR platform to drive their digital PR campaigns, Pirelli's switch to PressPage can be compared to today's ever-faster tyre changes at Formula 1 races.

Modern technology allows a seamless integration with design and navigation. Furthermore, PressPage's service level includes a detailed migration plan, training and consultancy. Everything is in place to transition clients efficiently.

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