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PR agencies hold the key to the transformation of their clients

Successful companies of the future will partly be publishers, PR agencies can support this process.

During an exclusive afternoon session in Amsterdam, Tom Foremski had an open discussion with PressPage and guests from PR agencies about the future of PR and corporate media and the concept of "Every Company being a Media Company”.According to Foremski we can identify a clear trend whereby companies search for ways to publish relevant news, taking on the role of publisher. According to him, PR agencies should focus on content and strategy for their clients, and leave technology in the hands of other, specialized companies. 

There is unmistakably a huge transformation going on, in which companies actually take over the role of (news) publishers. While traditional media outlets struggle with the right business model to remain profitable and often have to downsize their own journalistic production, companies are looking for ways to make relevant news available to their target groups.There are already some striking examples: car manufacturer Nissan has created its own media departement with TV studios and a newsdesk staffed by former BBC journalists, and Red Bull has now emerged as a media company that happens to be selling an energy drink as well.

This change in the playing field, and the way pioneers are dealing with it, offers not only opportunities for large, financially strong companies. Due to the power of the Internet, niche players are now also able to develop their own news channels and become a media company, even with a relatively small budget.PR agencies are in the best position to respond to these changes, according to Foremksi, and frankly they don’t have a choice, since their own business model would otherwise be in jeopardy.Within this changing landscape, agencies need to focus on the content, the media strategy and the processes within their client media organisation in particular. The technology, however, can best be outsourced to specialized companies. To quote Tom Foremski: why would we want to reinvent the wheel?

Tom Foremski, Editor van The Silicon Valley Watcher
PR agencies are in a very good position to assist customers in their transformation to 'publishers'.
We are already seeing clear signs that companies who view themselves more as a media companies are able to become market leader. A good example is Red Bull: in my opinion this is now primarily a media company that happens to be selling an energy drink as well.
Tom Foremski, Editor van The Silicon Valley Watcher

About Tom Foremski

For years, Tom Foremski wrote for U.S. and international newspapers, including Financial Times, about Silicon Valley and topics on the intersection of media and technology. In 2004 he was the first journalist to leave his job at a reputable newspaper to become a full-time journalist blogger. He is now the editor of Silicon Valley Watcher, a website that reports on everything that has to do with media, PR, and technology.

In 2006, Tom published one of his most striking blogs: "!Die Press Release Die Die Die!!". In it he expressed his frustration with the traditional press release, that made the work of journalists more difficult than necessary.Foremski is one of the first that openly stated that every company should be a media company (Every company is a media). 

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