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PressPage now accepts Bitcoin

Supporting the ecosystem in several ways

As of today, PressPage will accept Bitcoin payments for its products and services. By doing this we intend to support the currency and underlying Blockchain technology.

For the last couple of years our team has been following the evolution of Bitcoin (and the Blockchain). It is in our view one of the most interesting and promising developments of this decade. From huge cost- and time savings to completely new business models, these technologies can have a significant positive impact on our economy in the near future.

While there have been big ups and downs, there has been great progress in the development of the entire ecosystem. Billions of dollars have been invested in startups, and companies like BitPay and Coinbase have matured to a point where they are ready for the masses. Large banks have not only shown interest but are actively investing resources into Bitcoin/Blockchain technology. 

For some more insight into adoption and growth, please see the illustrations below.

Supporting the ecosystem 
Companies like Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft and many others started accepting Bitcoin, which of course is great news. Unfortunately they are converting every Bitcoin to dollars instantly to avoid risk. To break this risk-avoiding cycle and really support the currency, PressPage will only convert 50% of collected Bitcoins, as it is our intention to start paying suppliers with Bitcoin as much as possible. We call on every company accepting Bitcoin to do the same.

Sébastien Willlems, Co-founder and COO at PressPage
To truly support Bitcoin we will only convert 50% to fiat currency and will actively look for suppliers within the Bitcoin ecosystem. 
Sébastien Willlems, Co-founder and COO at PressPage

10% discount
To further show our commitment, we offer a 10% discount to companies paying us in Bitcoin. We consider it a reward for all companies already supporting the ecosystem and a possible enticement for companies that want to do business with us but do not have any Bitcoin as of yet. It is our little push for the adoption of the most innovative currency ever invented.

If you have any questions regarding PressPage and Bitcoin, please contact Sébastien Willems (see contact details).