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PressPage Product Update Q1 2018

Enhancing the user experience

The PressPage Platform has received updates on all parts of the platform. We have focused quite a bit on the distribution, but of course as always, we also worked on improving the user interface to make the user experience for our clients even better. Find out which new elements we've added and which elements we improved on.


  • Contact Statistics: You can now view a number of specific data points for each individual on a contact list. For each recipient you can see: which campaigns each recipient received, how many times they’ve opened a given campaign, and how many times they’ve clicked inside a particular campaign.

  • Date and location placeholder:  When sending out a campaign based on a release, it is important to indicate the location and publication date of the release. Now you can select a placeholder to quickly add both to your email campaign.

  • Export Contact Lists: We have added the option to export one or multiple contact lists from PressPage Mail to a csv file, enabling you to use these files externally as well.

  • PressPage Mail UI update: Workflow update to enable adding contacts to a List when actively working in that List.


When new users log on to the platform for the first time, they now receive a tutorial which guides them through the platform. This allows us to ensure our new users are quickly up to speed with the platform. Existing users that have not logged in recently, can also run through this tutorial to freshen up their knowledge. There is an option to activate the tutorial within Account Settings.

Other updates

  • Case recovery: Deleted Cases & Releases can be recovered easily from the Trash folder in the Case overview page. Deleting items from the Trash will delete them forever.

  • Page load update: Several performance updates have been deployed to improve the page load times for Newsroom and Releases.


Want to stay on top of the latest developments? Be sure to check the roadmap in the main PressPage Manager menu (top-right corner) for upcoming functionalities!


About PressPage

PressPage provides a SaaS PR platform with additional services for creation of advanced social newsrooms, virtual press centers and online media hubs. It enables brands to publish and distribute rich content, and provides direct insights into the results. PressPage empowers PR professionals by adding efficiency and effectiveness to their daily work routine.