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PressPage Product Update Q2 2018

Improved flexibility for users of the platform

In the second quarter of this year, our development team has worked hard on several elements of the platform. Not everything our team has worked on is visible on the front end (yet), however, below you can read about the new features and improvements that our users will experience in their daily work within the PressPage platform.


  • Case templates: To better manage the Cases, you can now flag a case that is a template when you create a new case or by updating it in the ‘Case Information’ section.

  • Multiple Safenames: You can add multiple URL identifiers (safenames) to releases. This means that a release can be found via multiple URLs. This is especially useful if a spelling mistake was found after a case has been shared across Social channels, as well as for creating short SEO optimized urls.

  • Media Kit: By enabling the Media kit Module, you can allow visitors to view or download all media assets from a release at once.


Advanced module options

For certain modules we have implemented advanced settings to improve flexibility. The advanced settings consist of:

  • Truncating amount of characters for the preview text of a release
  • Setting the "read more" link text
  • Set Include tags to only show specific releases in modules
  • Set Exclude tags to exclude certain releases from modules
  • Apply a module across all releases

Modules that have one or multiple of the above options are: Custom module, News carousel, Headlines module, Button module. We will roll out the advanced settings to more modules in the coming period.

Other updates

  • Delete Email templates: Within PressPage Mail, admin users now also have the option to delete Email templates.


Want to stay on top of the latest developments? Be sure to check the roadmap in the main PressPage Manager menu (top-right corner) for upcoming functionalities!


About PressPage

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