Should agencies offer digital and social newsrooms to their clients?


PR agencies are best placed to deliver digital and social newsroom services to their clients.
The Business Wire / Bulldog Reporter survey underpins that web-based technology alone
 is of no use if it is not strategically directed and provided with the right content. Agencies have the organisation (read: human talent) to provide strategy and content.
PressPage offers an online solution to PR agencies by providing a professional social media release and newsroom platform that can be easily branded and seamlessly integrated into the websites of an agency's clients. The platform gives PR agencies the opportunity to create, manage and track rich multi-media (press)messages with direct integration to and from social media platforms.
This turn-key technology enables PR agencies to efficiently and effectively capitalize on the strong demand from businesses in the field of online PR, whilst dramatically reducing costs.

  • Challenges prevail when generating content for an online newsroom.
  • Almost 30 percent of respondents feel they do not have enough resources to keep their online newsroom updated.
  • 12 percent do not have the control to self-publish content.
  • 10 percent are unable to integrate social media into their online newsroom.
  • Less than one percent of communicators surveyed felt that expense was a hindrance.
  • PressPage offers PR agencies the platform to do deliver a complete digital and social newsroom service to their clients.

The client needs a one-stop shop when it comes to managing their digital and social newsroom. Their need focuses on four basic elements:

  1. A communication strategy.
  2. The right content to support this strategy.
  3. Talented people that can design and implement both strategy and content.
  4. The technology to present and distribute the content online, preferably in a state-of-art on-line news environment on their own website.

At PressPage we use the acronym "SCOT" (Strategy, Content, Organisation, and Technology) to describe an organisation's social and digital news sharing need. Except for the last point (technology), an agency is well equipped, and uniquely positioned to provide all. With the PressPage technology, the agency can deliver the full value proposition.
Considering that almost 30 percent of respondents feel they do not have enough resources to keep their online newsroom updated, and that less than one percent of communicators surveyed felt that expense was a hindrance, it presents agencies with a unique opportunity to roll out a new service offering.

Bart Verhulst, Co-founder of PressPage
From the feedback of our existing agency clients, we strongly agree with the findings of this survey. Traditionally, an organisation's newsroom is very static, while in fact it should be the most lively part of their online presence. By allowing agencies to manage the newsroom, an organisation can be assured that the newsroom will become and stay that lively place where journalists, employees, and other stakeholders can be kept well up to date.
Bart Verhulst, Co-founder of PressPage

PressPage is the leading content-sharing-platform technology provider for social newsrooms, virtual press centres, and online media hubs.Our technology is uniquely designed to add workflow efficiency and distribution effectiveness; allowing brands to tell an engaging and optimised online story that is published straight into the search and social worlds.

Professional UK bodies for public relations practitioners like the CIPRPRCA, and IPRA all work with PressPage's newsroom technology.

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