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Take control of the conversation with Presspage Inquiries

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Organizing and managing your media inquiries is a huge task that requires streamlining. Trawling through emails, post-it notes, spreadsheets to respond to individual questions and requests from journalists is impractical. In the worst cases, it can result in missed deadlines, inaccuracies and lost media opportunities. Consequently, businesses are often caught on the back foot when it comes to PR coverage about their organizations - especially if it's negative.

That's not great when you're trying to generate, and control, as much media coverage as you can for your business. Instead, a more streamlined approach to managing your media responses ensures that you have the right insights to help you become proactive rather than reactive when managing inquiries from the press.

That’s why Presspage has created a dedicated Inquiries space to make the job of handling questions and requests from journalists easy for you. With Presspage Inquiries you can centralize all your media requests in one convenient, dedicated space. Plus, you can share them with your team. 

Rather than having to hunt through emails to find correspondence, quickly access all the information you need in one, easy-to-navigate space. Chaos controlled.

Instead of media outlets making assumptions with the information they have - you can put your business on the front foot to enhance your communications strategy and reputation management. Through a clearer Inquiries overview of the topics being asked by the media, you'll be prepared for:

  • Problem prevention instead of problem fixing 
  • Planned communication that is flexible and delivers on key business objectives
  • Proactively starting the conversation about your business rather than perpetually responding
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Missing deadlines or losing media inquires in a sea of emails, post-it notes, documents and spreadsheets puts you at a major disadvantage:

  1. You could be missing out on hundreds of potential media opportunities.
  2. Non-response to inquiries doesn't endear you to the media and gives them control over the narrative of your business.

The Presspage Media inquiries tool immediately adds value to your comms strategy by streamlining your media inquiries process, giving you back control. This software solution is not here to replace the human element of PR, but helps to support the need to organize, manage and even scale-up your system for responding to media inquiries.

Organizing and managing questions and inquiries from the press couldn't be easier with Presspage's Inquiries feature. Unlike a mailbox, you can easily log incoming inquiries and add key details, including:

  • The type of question being asked or request made
  • The name of the person making the request
  • Details about their organization 
  • Contact information for easy follow-up

The list is not exhaustive. The Inquiries solution on the Presspage platform is more than just a way to organize and manage press questions and inquiries. It's a great data collection tool, helping you to gather key information, while giving you visibility over media outlets that are engaging with your PR coverage. 

You can access all the information you need at a glance, while searching for specific media inquiries is made easy thanks to a highly sophisticated filtering, sorting and tagging system.

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Partner with Presspage to manage all your inquiries


Partnering with Presspage helps you to tell inspiring and consistent stories with ease. Plus, the addition of our Inquiries tool will enhance your PR department's workflows, and build a strong link between your business strategy and your communications efforts.

To find out how Presspage can enhance your media inquiry management, book a personalized demo now.