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The impact of content rich newsrooms

Social and search engine optimized newsroom strategies deliver measurable PR results.


Fragmentation of digital channels, the increased need for quantifying the true impact of PR, legacy corporate web solutions that technically limit the launch of modern communications campaigns, and blurring lines between PR and marketing. All are challenges faced by many corporate communicators on a daily basis.

In part 3 of 3, we showcase organizations that have managed to increase their news reach by adopting a more socially and SEO friendly newsroom.

7. Miami International Airport

MIA launched their revamped social newsroom in March of 2016 switching from a native newsroom -driven by their website’s standard CMS- to a dedicated newsroom solution for digital PR and media relations.

Cristina Armand, PR & Digital Marketing Manager
Within 12 months, the number of unique monthly newsroom visitors grew by over 3,300%.
Cristina Armand, PR & Digital Marketing Manager

On November 7, 2017, the industry awarded Miami International Airport the 2017 Peggy G. Hereford Award out of over 300 entries. This was made possible due to the launch of their sleek, easy-to-read News Room site that better showcased the airport’s press releases and marketing material, offered seamless integration for social media sharing and search engine optimization (SEO), and generated an exponential increase in online visitor traffic and engagement.

8. Johnsonville Sausage

The Sheboygan Falls sausage maker uses their newsroom for web posts and social media sharing, boosting the reach of a cooking stunt and broadening the search for a multi-skilled spokesperson.

Stephanie Dlugopolski, Public Relations & Social Media Manager
We definitely have seen an increased level of traffic to our news and also increased level of social shares.
Stephanie Dlugopolski, Public Relations & Social Media Manager

The newsroom allows reporters and other audiences to download images and interact with video content from Johnsonville's owned web property. The metrics demonstrate what works online and what doesn't. "That helps me be smarter in terms of what kinds of content we put up in the future," Dlugopolski says.

9. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM’s communications team was growing increasingly discontent with the Content Management System (CMS) they were working with to publish news to their native newsroom. “Within KLM there was a corporate mentality, resulting in a workflow with little flexibility. Platforms that were chosen at the time were functioning satisfactorily, but changes in the communications industry were so drastic that we felt we were lagging behind”, says Lars van Straten, Online Communications & Reputation Specialist at KLM. 

Lars van Straten, Online Communications & Reputation Specialist
KLM has already made great progress. We hope to continue this upward trend with continuous improvements to the newsroom.
Lars van Straten, Online Communications & Reputation Specialist

It is the result that counts, and in this regard too, KLM is very pleased with their newsroom centric comms strategy. The use of the newsroom platform has provided the airliner with a growing number of visitors.

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