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The whole news publication process has become faster and more efficient for Daimler

When the old system for creating and publishing press releases was terminated, several local Daimler offices were presented with the challenge of not having an up to date system for their PR teams. Daimler Poland was among the offices who seized the opportunity and opted for a new tool, which made publishing news to their website a lot easier and less time consuming . “Now we don’t have to wait when a press release is published, it is published to the website immediately.”

Looking forward to self driving cars, reliable green options and other huge developments in the near future, the Automotive industry is fast growing and ever-changing. For brands within the automotive industry, such as Daimler, it is important to have a stable presence in the media and to ensure that information about the brand is easily accessible. Jaroslaw Morawski: “Journalists don’t have time to spend searching on the website to check if new articles are published online.”

Totally outdated

Daimler's realization that their old media platform was insufficient to their needs led them to seek other solutions. It was ‘totally outdated’ and needed to be replaced with a new platform. Morawski: “The old system was not intuitive and it was complicated.” Although all options for a new system were arranged for the global sites, local offices needed find their own solution. With Daimler Poland looking for a new tool, PressPage offered the solution.

Jaroslaw Morawski, responsible for ecommerce & CRM within Mercedes-Benz Trucks Poland, is supporting his colleagues with the creation of press releases. He trains them in using PressPage and, if needed, helps with publishing the releases via the platform. Morawski: “In the old system, we needed to undertake a lot of manual steps. Publishing a press release took a lot of time and mistakes were easily made.”

Time saver

Compared to the old system, Morawski sees lots of positive changes through using PressPage. “Before I needed transfer the articles from the corporate website one by one and check if these had the same layout. With PressPage, the releases we post are automatically shown on the homepage and through the use of tags, we do not need to put all the articles into a category by hand.” For Daimler Poland the biggest advantage is the ease of creating a press release in the system. “We were used to doing a lot of things manually, such as connecting the releases to the navigation, assigning them to specific categories and individually uploading each and every picture. Now we can easily create a release and publish it directly our website.“

The publication workflow has become faster and more efficient, due to the intuitive interface and flexibility of the platform. Morawski: “What is also important for us is that our newsroom matches with the corporate identity. The template of the Daimler Poland newsroom is similar to the Corporate Daimler Media site because the same look and feel has been applied. Now we do not need to spend time creating the layout for our own press releases in our newsroom. This enables us to be consistent in our appearance online.”

Jarosław R. Morawski, e-commerce & CRM at Mercedes-Benz Poland
We were used to having to do a lot of things manually. Right now we can just easily create a release and publish it directly our website.
Jarosław R. Morawski, e-commerce & CRM at Mercedes-Benz Poland

Keep improving

Although using PressPage has led to an optimized publication process, Daimler Poland continues searching for opportunities to improve their main communication platform. Morawski: “One of the things we are looking at is PressPage Mail, so that we can proactively inform journalists about new press releases that are published. Although we are already using Twitter and other social media to communicate, sending notifications via email would be a nice addition to our current process.”

The biggest advantage of using PressPage compared to the old system is the time spent to publish a press release. The newsroom being shown in the same look & feel as the corporate website, was one of the reasons to implement a new system. “We don’t need to spend time to manually create the layout of the press release.” Morawski and his colleagues are very happy with the time saved using this new platform. “Here the system automatically publishes the whole package. Our colleagues are all satisfied, we only have positive comments.”

Below you can the previous newsroom (left) and how the current newsroom looks like (right). 


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