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Three brands giving back to the community in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Within the last month, two Tropical hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, devastated communities in the southern parts of the United States and its surrounding regions.

Though Hurricane Harvey may have subsided, the devastating effects of the tropical storm are far from over. The Category 4 storm left thousands of residents in Texas and Louisiana homeless and without access to essentials, such as food, clean drinking water, sanitary and health services.

During this difficult time, it is not uncommon to see brands giving back to the community, usually in some form of monetary donation for relief in disaster-afflicted areas.

However, some brands and its representatives have gone above and beyond to give back to the community. These acts of service, often led by courageous employees, help turn the brand into more than just an organization; the brand become a symbol of community, courage, and resilience.

 Here are three brands and its employees, that went above and beyond the call of duty.

Whataburger: Whatever It Takes

Whataburger, a Texas based restaurant chain closed all of its Houston locations on Monday, August 28. However, some customers were unable to leave the restaurants due to rapidly rising floodwaters.

When emergency teams in Houston asked boat owners to help reach people stranded in high water, Whataburger activated its own team to rescue those stranded in our restaurants.


The company has also worked hard to provide financial support to local food banks and reopen restaurants in hurricane affected areas like Corpus Christi.

Read Whataburger's story here.

Cook Children's: Saving lives on the hood of a news crew van

As Hurricane Harvey approached Corpus Christi, Texas on August 25, ten critically ill babies needed to be urgently relocated.

Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, answered the call and housed all ten babies in their NICU unit.

Nancy Cychol, Chief of Hospital Services at Cook Children's
This was an act of remarkable teamwork between Cook Children’s, Children’s Health and Driscoll Children’s Hospital, all in an effort to care for these vulnerable patients and get them out of harm’s way of the hurricane.
Nancy Cychol, Chief of Hospital Services at Cook Children's

Read the full story here.

Another act of personal heroism comes from Candace Wilson, a Cook's Children pediatric nurse, who joined rescue efforts on Port Arthur, Texas. 

According to the story on Checkup Newsroom: "At one point, the PICU nurse accustomed to treating pediatric patients in a controlled environment found herself with an evacuee who was having trouble breathing. She started digging through equipment coming out of the nursing home and found a nebulizer. The only problem was, she didn’t have power to make it work. Instead of giving up, Wilson found a news crew van and began beating on the door. They were able to provide her an extension cord and she set up the machine right there on the hood of the vehicle."

Candace Wilson, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Cook Children’s
I don’t think I’ve ever been tested more as a nurse.
Candace Wilson, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Cook Children’s

Read the full story here.

Ace Hardware: We will be open tomorrow… We are not leaving

As flooding and devastation swept into Southeast Texas, hardware cooperative Ace Hardware rallied its resources to provide emergency shipments of storm-related goods to affected regions.

Stores in the region remained open, including Cypress Ace Hardware, which posted the following message on its Facebook page:


Cypress Ace Hardware Facebook page
We will be open tomorrow… Whether you need supplies or just a dry place to take a minute, we are here. We are not leaving.
Cypress Ace Hardware Facebook page

According to the story on Ace Hardware's newsroom, "A heightened focus is being placed on getting necessary merchandise to some of the hardest hit areas, including Corpus Christi, Texas."

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