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Tom Foremski; the "godfather" of the digital press release

PressPage founders meet with Tom Foremski in San Francisco

In 2006, Foremski, a former Financial Times journalist, had had more than enough. Every so often he would receive a press release of over 8 MB in his mailbox in which a PR professional intended to scoop him some "news". The attention they evoked with Foremski was a negative one as it usually meant his entire inbox was cluttered.

In 2006, Tom wrote his first blog on this issue titled "Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die". Briefly he wondered why, with today's existing technology (i.e. Internet), public relations professionals did not just make a web page available with the relevant information.

According to Foremski, six years after this first blog, which was well received in the academic world and  praised as a case study example, little has changed in the approach by many PR professionals.

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