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Transformation for everyone: How a scale-up and a sprinter can learn from each other


We are absolutely delighted to partner with Levi Hazes.  A young athlete with infectious optimism, Levi is currently training to compete in the Olympics. We are proud to sponsor and support him on his journey to the Olympic podium and are excited to share his story with you. 

Who is Levi?

Levi Hazes is an inspiring example of a young, courageous, dedicated athlete who devotes his time to daily training to achieve his current number one goal - to compete in the Olympics in Paris in 2024. When he is not training, he studies Nutrition and Dietetics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. On top of all of these responsibilities, he finds space to help at homecare, clean the environment, and participate in the Young Spirits Social Club. 

His drive is his love for the sport - and what makes that even more remarkable is his devotion and commitment to making the world a better place. 

 I’m crazy in love with this game. I will make sure the game sees the best version of me.

Levi Hazes

His goal to compete as an Olympian athlete is not simple. It requires persistence and devotion to master the challenges that are unique to a sprint athlete. It also requires courage and confidence to overcome failures and rise through the ranks to become stronger and better in his field.

I’m grateful for everything bad that’s happened which I overcame. I’ll give you an example: About 1.5 years ago, I tore a tendon in my calf all the way through. But jokes on my tendon, it made me much stronger. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t even walk for a long time. But I could still train, read, write, learn, evaluate, reflect and listen. There is always something you can do to improve yourself. There is always a little step you can make, even in the darkest place.

Levi Hazes

Our inevitable partnership

We can’t help but see Levi’s journey as a true inspiration for Presspage, as his values are fundamental to the transformation that PressPage is driving as a scale-up. His personal transformation and growth (both physical and mental) are based on the foundations of a strong drive to inspire others to achieve more. 

As a tech scale-up who is paving the road toward digital transformation for our customers, we know that it takes a specific mix of grit, persistence and a little humor to keep making progress. That’s why when we met Levi, we clicked instantly. 

Levi brings his strength to the Presspage team in the form of inspiration and a reminder that when something is difficult, it’s always worth doing. We’re proud to sponsor and support Levi on his journey to becoming on the Olympic podium. His story is one that keeps us moving forward when we hit roadblocks. 

Jan-Willem Schalkwijk, CEO PressPage

As transformation pioneers, we are not afraid to be ambitious with our goals. Just like Levi’s journey, every step needs support and a team who are all focused on the same objective. At PressPage, we aspire to achieve excellence by taking care of our customers’ pain points, our employees’ well-being, and enjoying the journey together. Be it in sport or business, a clear aim, a valuable mission, and the right team is a winning combination.

Jan-Willem Schalkwijk, CEO PressPage

At Presspage, we are passionate about our customers and their success. Corporate Communication teams are our heroes, and we believe in challenging the status quo for them. Just like growing from a sprinter into a professional athlete, we both need to grow our network, find what we can offer others in similar situations, and support growth from all angles.

In an ever-changing communication landscape and in a world that has drastically shifted to digital, communications teams are on their companies’ front lines and deserve inspiration and support to move through the clutter. Like training for a world-class competition, this is not an easy process. But both Presspage and Levi Hazes are ready to take the lead.