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What's in store for 2017

We have had a great year and are excited to get to work on the next steps for our platform and company as a whole. 2017 has started in a good way for us. Not only did we move to our new office, but we have also taken on an investment from Capital Mills. Since 2010 we have grown significantly and we have become more mature as an organisation. Curious what steps we already undertook? Check out our infographic.

In 2017 you can of course expect lots more from us. The investment will help us to further professionalize the organization and accelerate growth. To give you an idea of what is coming up, we have outlined a couple of important plans for the year.


The PressPage platform revolves around three pillars: Creation, Distribution & Analysis. This year, our development team will dive deep and work on the foundation of all three. This will result in a new underlying structure and API, which will provide a stronger platform, enable faster development and open up new ways for our customers to interact with their data.

On feature level, you will mostly see Distribution evolve. From advanced management of social media channels to integration of wires and SMS. The email module will be further improved as well to make sure this classic channel is used in the most effective way possible.

Another important step this year is improving and opening up our template editor to be able to involve not only third-party front-end developers, but also IT departments of our customers if they wish to have access. This will allow for a more flexible allocation of resources and faster development of newsrooms.

These are just a couple of highlights, of course we have much more in store! For more information, take a look at our roadmap (in the top-right navigation in the PressPage Manager).

Customer Success

After introducing our first Customer Success Managers in December 2015, the department evolved fast last year and we are proud of what we have accomplished. This year, we want to get Customer Success to the next level and help our customers even more proactively and in a broader context. Not only to make sure customers get the most out of the platform, but to help them connect the dots in their entire workflow.

PR is Key

In April 2016 we organized the first edition of PR is Key. Expert speakers from Holland and the UK shared their experiences and insights regarding crisis communication. Group discussions yielded numerous tips on dealing with crisis situations both internally and externally. The event proved to be very successful and we are excited for the next edition! We have set a date which we hope you will mark on your calendar: the 20th of April 2017. We will be revealing more details regarding topics, speakers and location in the coming weeks and months.


With technology changing faster than ever and marketing and PR being redefined, it is essential for communications professionals to keep learning. That is why we will work on a knowledge center that is not only focused on PressPage, but on PR in general. It should steadily evolve into a valuable resource for ourselves and our customers.


From the continuous development of our platform to the first steps of our Academy, we have a lot to do, but are excited about where we are going. We have a lot more on our list, so we will do our best to positively surprise you throughout the year!


About PressPage

PressPage provides a SaaS PR platform with additional services for creation of advanced social newsrooms, virtual press centers and online media hubs. It enables brands to publish and distribute rich content, and provides direct insights into the results. PressPage empowers PR professionals by adding efficiency and effectiveness to their daily work routine.