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Will you be able to rely on your newsroom in a crisis?

For most communicators, the question is not if, but when a crisis will hit. And when it does you can’t waste time trying to figure out how your antiquated press release graveyard in your corporate website is going to get your critical response out the door now.

Your team needs an online newsroom with the tools and functionality to quickly lay out your message, easily locate the necessary media assets, and seamlessly distribute a response to all your media channels. If you have to rely on your IT department for help, scramble to find the right images or waste time formatting copy for multiple destinations, you’ve already lost half the battle.

Presenting a systematic approach to a seamless and smarter crisis management, specified per phase:

  1. Pre-crisis: How to prepare for when the unexpected happens.

  2. During: How to systematically use your newsroom and leverage social channels to get the message out.

  3. Post-crisis: the importance of SEO in the aftermath of a crisis.

The white paper offers:

  • Key checklists per phase

  • Great case studies with very hands-on examples
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